Nostalgia train - Ginger Kid singing in car - 2000s music bout having babies - twerking reavers (Latenight Youtube bindging experience)


So late last night I was going through my weird phase where I’d stream youtube videos for hours and I got the feels of looking up Natasha Bendingfield songs.

First it was ‘Love like this’ so many feels.

then I played ‘I wanna have your baby’, which kicked up my paternal instinct.

After I made a note of putting the song on my wedding playlist I found a that ‘Unwritten’ was also around.

I read all the fuss in the chat talking about how a ginger kid brought them here and so I looked up “ginger kid unwritten” and was pleasantly surprised by the result.

It apparently became viral on Vine.

and on that night, I slept happily as happy as I have felt in a while. Well for the most part, I started watching LM videos and fell a sleep to them. I think I dreamt of Macabre (an old film) as well as twerking Daisys and Reavers (look at that little butt).

Totally recommend watching this video alone in your house, at night with the lights off.


:joy::joy: that Ginger kid singing was hilarious. poor kid.


I’ve seen the Ginger Kid singing one before

I am subbed to Lazy so I’ve already seen it :stuck_out_tongue:


Shouldn’t this be in the what are you listening to thread?


Seems like more of a one off topic.