Nosgoth (Asymmetric game)


So far this is the game that looks like it’ll hold me till I can play Evolve again.

I saw there were posts on this from back in july, but wondering if anyone still playing now or wants to try and get into it with me and my peeps? ;]


I’ve got Nosgoth :slight_smile: I still play it fairly often, Prophet and Sentinel are my favourite characters.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t have it, it’s a closed beta game, it’s going into open beta some time soon but at the moment you need to buy a founder’s pack or get a code to get access. Luckily, I have a bunch of codes from the immortal founder’s pack and nobody to give them to if you’re interested.

Edit: Oh, what about region? I live in the UK so I prefer to play on the europe servers.


So it’s a game that blizzard tried to make but they copied TF2 to much and now this company did something similar but did it much better. :slight_smile: idk if i will play it tho, don’t really play TF2 either haha.


Nosgoth isn’t a Blizzard game :stuck_out_tongue: Psyonix studio with Square Enix licensing it. It also feels pretty different to TF2, though there are certainly similarities. Might be because Nosgoth is 4v4, asymmetrical and you can only change class between respawns.


Never said it was a blizzard game. I’m referring to overwatch, blizzard just coppied TF2 and make it a bit diffrent :slight_smile: But Psynoix studio did a much better job to create their own game and not copy stuff haha.


Ah right, fair enough. Sorry, I thought you were confusing it with Overwatch :smile:

I really enjoy Nosgoth though it was my friend that got me into it. He was over mine last year, we were on youtube and a Nosgoth advert popped on, he asked me to leave it on. We both signed up though he was more hyped about it… until I played it, needless to say I’ve pulled right ahead of him! Sadly he hasn’t played it in a while because every second game Nosgoth crashes on him, no video memory left.

Oddly enough that’s very much like Evolve. To me this is his game because he found it and got incredibly excited, but he didn’t get to play the alpha due to a Steam issue (which I think is thanks to his computer). He’s getting new parts soon so hopefully everything works out fine. I wasn’t too bothered about Evolve until playing the alpha now I’m on the forums and checking every update related to the characters or decent gameplay videos.

I like how Nosgoth ties into Legacy of Kain, it’s always fun when a game is made to fill in a gap in history.


Yeah RCT your first post confused me a little as well, this game is not TF2 like at all AFAIK, and I played a lot of TF2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d compare it more to evolve TBH, except 4 monsters instead of 1 and no keystone ‘evolving’. I much prefer evolve, but this game is still pretty fun and team centric =3

I’m on north america east ideally but haven’t been picking servers Sorrow. I love me some reaver pounces and scout knockdown ;]


Sniping as the Scout is always fun. I prefer humans because I actually enjoy every class (even Hunter sometimes, but that doesn’t mean assault rifles are cool in any form >.>), Prophet and Scout are my two most common though I’ll take any excuse to play Alchemist because the Tyrant/Deceiver heavy teams aren’t all that common.

Sentinel is my overall favourite but I usually don’t look forward to playing vampire team if there’s going to be other Sentinel players. Deceiver’s nice but too easy to work around, I used to play Reaver a LOT but have gone off that and am out of practise, though I will pick Reaver if the team needs it. Tyrant’s awesome but damn he does so little without your team causing some confusion for him.


I played this for a while. It was allright, but I’m sure it’s better with actual friends and a team working together. I have TONS of keys if anyone wants them for PC. I just wish that matchmaking was a bit better due to level differences actually meaning that the other side had experience + wider range of abilities, and that if someone leaves it takes a while to get them back.

In a 4v4 game, having 2 people disconnect/rage quit means 50% of your team is gone. It sucks.


I generally try my best to field 3 or 4, which helps with queues and most of your concerns. I’m too much of a perfectionist to play with pubbies ^^;

Add me if you want to have a game or two, GiantChiprel on steam


I’ll add you tonight. I really enjoy playing Sentinel and/or Tyrant. The humans are mostly pass for me, but that is because I think they require more teamwork to really excel. Out of them I like the Alchemist the most.


Well we’re playing and winning on both, so deal with it ;]


I try my luck with pugs pretty often and usually get decent results. I don’t mind mistakes being made as long as it’s not total common sense or repeated over and over again, stuff that leads to a defeat where you didn’t really get to play.


Really like the game a lot, but only human side. Vampire’s just don’t do it for me, requires either too much coordination or is too easy.


Be it vampires or monsters, you just can’t beat playing as the humans!


Join us sir! Get to see how you play ;]


I rarely like playing humans in asymmetrical games :stuck_out_tongue:


Added you btw


Yeah but you’re madd :slight_smile:


And I have a chainsaw!