North korea is already calling threats with nukes

:unamused: again

Naw but in all seriousness. I doubt they’d ever actually launch nukes at us. China’s army is getting huge, and America owes China billions and billions of dollars that America doesn’t have. America might be all to willing to start problems over stupid reasons, cough OIL, cough cough burp, but I doubt anybody will every outright go to war with us. At least not in the immediate future, it would cause World War 3.


I see world war 3 happening at most 40-50 years from now just because raisins


And by then I will be living comfortably in New Zealand, running for days on end, hunting a pack of orcs that was never really there, but there will be no one to question me.
Edit: when I said, “but there will be no one to question me,” I meant because New Zealand is mostly large fields of mountains and grass. I realized taken out of context, with the whole World War Three talk, that maaayyy have sounded bad. But I just mean because I’m in a big field, like in Lord of the Rings.
Clearing that up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Supposedly there’s NK troops in Syria privately contracted under Assad to add to this constant headache.


why are they there for protecting some leader



I just laughed so hard at that hitler face palm


Longstanding history of aid to one another under different leaders in both countries i’d imagine. Nothing’s been confirmed but there’s been more suggestions to two units being there.


This is why I like living in Australia. :sunglasses:

Also, don’t believe those stupid memes known as North Korea. They launch a nuke the whole UN will counterattack and North Korea will turn into a fallout.


Little more tricky given the collateral damage of civilians living in NK, not to mention radioactivity/fallout spreading into neighboring countries should any nuclear weapons be used.


I got some people who can answer this.


Moves to space I’m done with humans.


They’re too chicken, they make these threats waaay too often.


but that place is full of spiders and stuff that can kill


So is America.


but america has it way less don’t it


Not necessarily.


wel I guess there was once a mountain lion in nm once


New Mexico? Yeah, there’d probably be bunch actually, due to the mountainess regions.