North korea has nukes :(


north korea tested a nuke like 3 days ago and said its a hydrogen bomb people keep saying no because the explosion wasn’t big enough do you guys think this is a bad thing I do


Anyone having nukes is a bad thing… But North Korea… We all know what shorty over there can or will do… That being said, I think it’s a power play.


They say this thing often. North Korea still doesn’t have the means to deliver a bomb very far, so most likely not something to worry about yet. I mean it could be a lie to begin with they lie a lot, and do tests just to scare south korea.

Edit: this isn’t the first time they said they had nukes and I am sure not the last. They throw out stories like this all the time just to try and scare.


hory shet that is big


Well I still wouldn’t worry yet! China is North Korea’s handler kinda and they aren’t real happy about them testing this bomb. I mean this still isn’t great news, but as long as China holds back North Korea we will be fine. China doesn’t want a war between the North and South because that will get America and China involved. Which is terrible news for China since we make up a HUGE part of their economy.


so its a whole domino effect


Yeah for the most part. China is trying to get a new image right now with the rest of the world, and they don’t really like North Korea doing all these things. I mean of course things could happen I don’t know the future, but I would think right now China wants to keep them from starting a war. For good reason they don’t gain anything really from a war with the South.


I’m sure this video is fake or means something other than what the English text states. If they had done an above ground nuclear test, the whole world would know exactly what it was instantly.



if ww3 happens were all dead probably everyone is getting nukes now


Yeah I don’t know about a nuke but looking at the news they did a rocket test not that long ago.

Now this is something that isn’t really good news about China and South Korea.


Just to be clear, I’m not saying they don’t have nukes, just that that video doesn’t depict one of theirs. No one does above-ground tests anymore.


I’m pretty sure the USA would probably just nuke North Korea if they fired a nuke first, not that theirs would get very far in the first place though


I’m not so sure, but would rather not find out either way.


Not so sure about that. North is backed up by China so nuking North Korea would force China’s hands. In other words it would not be very good thing to see.


Yea I kinda realised after posting that it wouldn’t be a good decision


I still have 567 bottle caps in any case


just watch out for the giant lizards with claws


Maybe Homefront is more real than we thought.
Or NK is just lurking to scare again.


I would hope that the M.A.D. principle would prevent anything too serious from happening.