Norse/viking refrences


Ok first off im not complaining about anything.
I just wanted to know where all the norse or viking refrences come from? I like it and find it funny especially in a game about hunting monsters.
Was it just a random thing or does it have some kinda back story?


Torvald is Norwegian. He is, quite literally, a Space Viking! :slight_smile: That’s why.


Yep Torvald is space viking, he even got them rad as hell nordic tatoos.


Torvald looks great, but he’s still not as good as Parnell. ^.^


The little bit of Norse Viking is a nice touch. If you get ragnarok skins, Markov’s lightning gun has Fenrir Written on it. Now all we need is a frost giant or some type of Nordic monster to fight.


Hyde’s Ragnarok flamethrower is also called Garmr, after the hound who guards the gates of Hel. Torvald screams “Lightning! Thunder!” despite controlling no such thing (Tor is alternate spelling of Thor, Torvald translating to Thor’s master or ruler). I think he thinks he’s basically Mjolnir given form - they shaped him like a hammer.


I haven’t heard him say lightning yet. I did know the translation to his name, but now that you mention it…he does look like a hammer a bit…


You don’t have to start you’re thread with “I’m not complaining”. I realize there’s a lot of crying on the forums but… you’re good brah.

This is why we have the forums, to talk about random shit like this lol.


I can see it now…Goliath using Torvald to smash hunters into the ground. Lol


Also one of the Trapper skins is called Blood Eagle which is a form of Norse torture where the ribs a pretty much separated or pulled outward to give the appearance of bloody wings (i believe, im no history expert here :slight_smile: )


Lol “I’m no history buff, just REALLY into torture”


haha it was on an episode of Vikings and then i googled it


I think the plebeian concept that any dude with a bunch of Nordic tattoos is a viking is what’s making the reference.

He’s not a viking. That whole way of life died out eons ago. It was replaced by piracy, which he is also not.

At most, he’s a tattoo’d babass from Norway (Which also makes no sense since he’s from HUB… who are supposed to be the snooty we-own-it-all people of the galaxy).

P.S. I apologize if this sounds a bit harsh. I think his character design is fantastic. I just think his backstory & descriptor are bad).


Swedes were the real vikings fyi.


Space viking is a way of life, not subject to your limited imagination, sir. If Torvald wants to be a viking, or if players want him to be a viking, then he can be a viking. (Nothing about being a viking is in his official backstory though. He was the Chief Technical Officer of a ship, and he’s from a planet called Clocktower colonized by Scandinavians. And Ultimate Frisbee.)


Viking (Noun) : a member of a group of Scandinavian people who attacked the coasts of Europe in the 8th to 10th centuries A.D.

It most certainly was a way of life, and it ended. I’m not talking about my own imagination, I’m talking about HISTORY.

Anyone can wish to be a viking, most kids to at one point. If that’s the case, he’s a viking wannabe.

I much prefer his actual story. He’s certainly badass, and I approve of your descriptor far better than the previous explanation.


Is there a list of the references ? like dialogues or something ?


That wasn’t ever what his character was, that was just the way fans describe him, which you’re being absurdly literal about for… no apparent reason. I was trying to make a joke out of it and you start quoting the definition of viking. Come on dude.


Lol. Sorry. I suppose my want for a good background story and interest in history took over. Once again, sorry to kill your joke


@Matthew I was told to include you in this post
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The fact im enquiring about the norse refrences behind evolve and the fact everybody has jumped on board