Nooo! - Fable Legends canceled and Lionhead Studios Shutdown


No chance for a Black and White 3 and no Fable Legend release, oh my god! I am shocked.
After that big comercials they still closed it, I was so excited about it and the cross play feature.

What you guys think about this?


Today we announced that we have made the difficult decision to cease development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios. These decisions were not made lightly, nor do they reflect the talent of the studio, rather they are taking effect as Microsoft Studios continues to focus its investment and development on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and engaging to play.

We want to thank all the players who participated in the closed beta and who helped with the development of Fable Legends.



wow… didn’t see that coming.

Must have been a terrible flop with the game production…
4v1 not easy to make…


I think the technical stuff was awesome but maybe the gameplay was just not fun. But I never will know now :sleepy:


Shame. Fable: the lost chapters is what got me into gaming back in the day. Still one of my favourite games ever.


Never did play much Fable, but I really enjoyed the Black & White games. I was hoping for a third game. :sob:


I was hoping this was a joke. I was really looking forward to playing it.


Me too I follow this game now over years and then this. I am a little bit down now. Black and White is in my top ten games, fable as well. A “moba” in a fable universe was sounding good but now we never know.

Is here somebody who participating the beta?


Same… Legends looked pretty interesting.


Can’t say I really cared. All the previous Fables were a huge let down to me.


But this one was a merge of Evolve, Battleborn, Dota, Smite and LOL.


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Ew. Than I definitely don’t care.
Games like Lol and Dota make me cringe.


The beta was pretty good, Although i never got to play that much of it as a result of somehow permanently getting trapped in a town after the tutorial.


Don’t like MOBAs then. No Battleborn or Smite then.


Zero interest in those.

Battleborn is in first person though so that gives it a step up gameplay wise over the others.


Really didn’t expect this to happen. I was looking forward to playing this game as I didn’t have beta access or anything. I loved that they were trying something new with the series and it grabbed my attention straight away. I loved the other fable games so I am genuinely sad to hear about this. :disappointed:


I expected this to happen.
I played the “beta,” and I use that word loosely. I just remember having no idea what the objective was or how to do practically anything because none of it was explained or shown to you. The characters were also pretty generic with abilities you see a thousand times in games.

A bit harsh, but I have no idea what they were working on for so long.


I’m super sad, I was hoping for a Fable Compilation for XB1



Aaaah… All the times that I made fun of Fable 3, even though it’s backwards compatible now, I still want a new Fable to make fun of…

EDIT: Read that in Justin Bieber voice lol.


New infos:

After the surprise announcement by Microsoft to close two studios together with the games , there is now more information on the subject that we want to share with . So there is a posting of the Community Manager of Lionhead just five hours before Microsoft’s announcement that indicates that it was a big surprise for the development studio and staff were probably informed at short notice. In the Posting clarifies the Community Manager that you still need a little more time for the game. They wanted to evaluate the feedback to the closed beta alone and prefer to accept a few delays to publish as a bad game . So far , it is then no longer come , as we now know .