Noobs and Trolls: An Epidemic? Share Your Stories!


Medics who don’t know they can heal… …

At lever 40…


Edit: (Ok, not elite… but still)



I camera across two people who were using crow but apparently gobi is frozen and cannot function. In this case we do have a trapper that still sets the dome, but no way of finding the monster.



I know how it feels: a trapper who helps the monster. But it isn’t the worst. In the last two matches. Lvl 40 players: Hank realized after 3 mins (when I was with Laz and only 1 bar life left) that he/she has a shield projector and can defend us with it (but no airstrike even on the AFK monster, I guess it was too hard for him/her to understand it). We could only win because the monster afked; elite Val ( still lvl 40) and didn’t know that he/she can heal with it. In this match, the support (Bucket) didn’t know that he/she can activate the cloak so we would be “invisible” (footprints and jetpack line, I know) and because of that our medic died, than assault and the support. What kind of man is this? Should make a place (a forum is good too) where these kind of players can be tagged and 3-5 tags (in a peroid of time) they could be demoted and for a period of time (2-3 weeks maybe) they could only play with lvl 20 or lower.



Ha that last part is a little extreme but I made this thread so we could all vent and move on!

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Good thread @TomsMeatPlatter

Some vents are needed. I don’t mind hitting a team with some noobs (I am a teacher) but those TROLLS. Def had medics REFUSE to heal me all game b/c they got salty about being asked for heals.

And those supports misusing their kits is bad. Assault down, medic in trouble, and Cabot has the damage amp up for what felt like FOREVER.

Had some fanmail of my own; started a match as Behe. At 2min they have no clue where I am so 3/4 hunters leave in like a ten second span. Then just as I hit high armour S2 some drop in player ask to restart. I decline because I had really worked to be so stealthy. After match he sent at least a dozen messages threatening to rape me and kill my family.


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I get that so much. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just amusing. Like. Even if you do find me…*Come at me you butthurt fool. * :wink:



Out loud laughter occurred. They make me laugh too. Losing ain’t fun for no one but in silly games one side only wins if one loses. How do you get sooooo bent about a vid?

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I had a game on wraith trap where the hank player stood in the middle and marvelled at the trapped wraith. . . for the duration of the match. He was actually in control, walking around in circles looking up. It was both annoying and creepy. You could literally hear his brain melt.

Then I had a Laz who actually shot me when I was down, because he thought revivifying only works if the hunter is actually dead and not just incapped.
He didnt even know that this game has no friendly fire.

And I had a little kid playing monster and two dudes playing from a college dorm or so and they just took him apart finishing like ten matches in a row in under a minute.

And then there was this guy here on the forum who said that he was an Uberkind and gaming ruined his life.

Why do you think people do that?

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…I know people like the Wraith’s, erm, design, but that’s…That does not sound healthy…



This isn’t a true troll, but I’ve played with someon who’s added ‘Idle:’ in front of their name



…WOW. :joy: That is priceless.



I think people are bored with this game by now.
Mainly because of the fact that you’ll never know in what constellation the match turns out to be a freakin “running simulator” or “simulator of shameless self gratification” depending on whether you play as hunter or monster.
Ive come across completely boring matches myself,

So not moving and staring at the environment seems to be a true alternative dor some.



If you’re bored of it don’t play it. How does playing a game you’re bored of get any better by staring at spots on the map and doing nothing >_>



Or that time when you lose because Lazarus couldn’t keep you up! Wait, that’s just Lazarus himself…

Not off topic. It was a joke that is still related to the topic.



Why this was flagged I shall never know.



Same here… lol



the point is that a lot of people have been looking forward to this game, the previews always looked quite tasty: hunting a huge monster, wild environments rendered in cry engine 3? a must buy right?

who could have thought that those premises would have so much potential for boredom.
I had matches that took me 25 mins of running around always one step behind with the whole team doing the same, chasing a flapping bird sign on the hud. Exciting gameplay?

Now for those who are turned off by that, the graphics and art design is still there, so thats why they enjoy that without the running part. I somehow understand it no?



You know Abe is supposed to dart the wildlife. Even tells them that in the tutorial.



Yes but stopping, running away from the brand new birds notification to dart reavers is not a good idea. Not to mention he had not found the monster once and this was his first solid chance to catch it.



Yeah, that was a dumb decision. Just seemed like you were upset with him tagging all the wildlife. Never mind then.