Noobs and Trolls: An Epidemic? Share Your Stories!


So last night was my first night where I just ran into a bunch of toxic players for the first time. I would like to first apologize to anybody out there I may have doubted when they said they just kept running into trolls. I now believe you.

I have had this since launch and have been playing a ton. I play on the Xbox and was actually surprised at how few issues I ran into regarding crappy people. Sure you’d run into noobs once and a while but everyone was a noob once! Other than one instance where we ran into a pair of guys that were clearly trolling. One was the monster and the other a trapper, there was no denying it, clearly intentional missed domes, jumping into tyrants. They even met up in the middle of the map and just chilled for a moment.

Here are some of my experiences from last night:

Salty like a Pretzel

Well last night I was playing Evac as the monster. First round Hunt on Fusion Plant and I played Wraith. I was working on my Supernova mastery and this team was good at keeping the pressure on. There was a dome or 2 where I skirted and Decoyed. I ended up winning Stage 3 at the relay and then got some “fan mail” from one of the guys in the lobby. It was less than pleasant to say the least. After killing them off in Nest in about 3 min he rage quit and that was the end of it.

Lazy Laz

Later I was in a match where we had a Laz that stood there and watched out trapper die and even then, waited a bit before reviving him, costing us time chasing down a Wraith. I sent him a message letting him know that he could use the device on incapped players as well. The rest of the match he refused to heal burst and continued to swap between items while teammates bled out.

Tenderfoot Trapper

Finally I was in a lobby with a bunch of level 40’s when a Trapper was throwing domes that were missing but it was taking them a little longer to take it down. We ended up stomping the monster but the trapper kept running off, not following Daisy ect. Turns out they were only a lvl 2 (lol based Matchmaking) so all was forgiven.

TL;DR What’s your thoughts on Trolls and Noobs? Any funny stories or things that make you lose faith in the human race? Feel free to vent if you want but please, no call-outs!


Noobs aren’t a problem for me, indeed i had some funny moments with them, otherwise trolls. Trapper which open dome without monster, just to piss off the team, medics which don’t care about healing purposely, and player standing still purposely…


I remember I got killed by a Sloth but took it down with me, Laz was the last alive but revived the Sloth and not me.
The Sloth killed him and the Monster won.

But my latest was a week ago where I had a very close match against some skilled random Hunters. I was nearly dead and the Medic was full of ball and stupidity and chased me. I killed them and the rest soon followed.
In the lobby one of them put on a mic and started really bad mouthing the Medic. I felt bad for him.


Ive had a case of trapper doming us along with him at the beggining of a match… thank christ monster player had no idea about what he was doing XD


My block list grows ever bigger everyday from useless players


In that Laz’s defense, the targeting can be really crummy in those situations.

Aside the essential ability to revive fallen Canyon Striders I don’t see a point in Laz being able to revive large wildlife.


Yeah I have been having a really bad week in evolve. from trolls to people who don’t know how to play I have lost so many games this week.


I had a game where I was in a three man group and the assault was a random. He was beyond noob status - he didn’t follow us or enter a single dome. Instead, he just got downed by every wildlife possible while roaming the map. In the end, he got downed by a pack of Reavers, and we just jumped around his corpse until he bled out. The best part was, we beat the monster, twice.


I was in a public match as Hyde with a Val bot. Then some random noob/troll takes her over and decides to just run around the map instead of healing me. Ping-spamming and bullets to the face weren’t enough. Had to resort to toxic grenades wherever she went and still nothing! Maybe I was invisible?? :scream:


Got some Pics from the stuff he sent me lol

Name cut out for obvious reasons but spoiler alert! He’s not in the lobby, ragequit already!


I really don’t mind noobs so long as they’re nice people. Trolls are always funny as long as they amuse everyone.

But meeting noobs who fail utterly and then complain about me is just…Come on man, you know you suck. At least be sportsmanlike about it.


I’m with ya there, as you can see in the pic above, this one dude was just rearing to go lol


I’ve had lots of toxic players before. Guys messaging me saying i suck for x/y/z and I even had a Lazarus complain his whole team sucked while he was reviving people manually instead of using the Laz Device.

But one bad player that was more funny than anything was an older guy who let his little brother play for one match and the little kid was beyond dumb. He was playing Trapper and he missed I done which caused my pub teammates to yell at him to take the dome down. The kid asks HOW. How he doesn’t know I have no idea, but the other players explain to him to hold down RB. They repeat this to him and the kid still doesn’t get it until you hear him in the background go, “(big brother), how do I take the dome down?!”

Possibly the dumbest kid I’ve ever played with, but I wasn’t mad, I thought it was hilarious.


See those I’m willing to forgive because its a kid and well “you can’t help stupid”. It’s usually the guys not on mic that you can never really tell, are they trolling or just really dumb. One guy I actually sent a message to, never responded…


Well on the bright side I would say you won that back and forth he started. He was very unoriginal hope he didn’t think long about what he sent you.


The problem is not with noobs who has only played 1-2 match. Mine problem is that even a 35 (or higher) lvl player can cause trouble: Val and not healing (he said that the medic is stronger than the assault, so he will kill it), trapper using dome to keep us away from the monster. And than there are the bugs: Last match I was with Parnell and just got right behind the wraith, so I used super soldier and started shooting, you guess what? Nothing. Normal shooting speed, normal reloading. And only if I was close to the Wraith.


I’ve only had one real toxic player before. Had a lvl 40 trapper playing Crow on Refueling Tower who didn’t use Gobi very often (hardly at all.) He misses his first dome that splits the team in half: our assault & medic go chasing the monster, not realizing the dome was thrown, and I’m stuck with this Crow who proceeds to slowly kill the elite Tyrant in the area. Ok, killing the Tyrant is great & all but half our team is now across the map and the dome is still up. He let it run out, never took it down, and killed the Tyrant. So now we’ve chased the monster up towards the large waterfall, I’m pushing it towards the trapper & the team, and he’s slow on the dome and barely misses. The monster pushed through the team, not around or away, and they were shooting at it as it was engaging them for that period (Kraken I believe.) So, now our whole team is stuck in the dome and this Crow proceeds to put on his mic and very angrily yell at us about how we’re not supposed to shoot the monster when he’s about to dome it (mind you: it wasn’t running away) and as punishment he was going to let the dome stay up. Ugh. So, monster reaches stage 3 and Crow again misses a dome and dies immediately at the relay. We killed the monster with absolutely no help from Crow: no Gobi, no stasis, no nothing.


No healing. It just doesn’t happen with a random. They always pick Val because she has a cool sniper rifle.

Laz jumping in face first to shoot the Monster.

Hank goes for an orbital while Medic gets focused and downed and every single missile misses. Just never uses his shield which I think is his greatest ability by far.

Bucket not throwing turrets. Why did you even pick this guy if you weren’t gonna use his turrets? Using the UAV when everyone is right behind the Monster and the dome is ready to be tossed. Have fun catching up.

Cabot with his expletive damage amp. Assault is down and medic is being focused! Help us! And dust tagging a Monster that is standing its ground and ready for a fight.

Fighting wildlife every chance they get.

Picking Parnell

My Main Squeeze.
Every time I get pushed off of Trapper for someone else I cannot bare it! 60% of the time it is a Griffin that cannot track or aim the Harpoon Gun. 30% of the time it is an Abe who literally does nothing right.
Why force me out of Trapper if you don’t know how to Track or throw the dome?

I played with an Abe this week that darted everything he saw and then when birds popped up he stopped and looked the opposite direction and took 4 or 5 seconds to dart some reavers! The game before that our Assault got downed and the Monster was kicking our butts and the trapper threw a dome! Get me outta here I need to live so the team can live! He tried to fight a Stage 2 Behemoth with 1% HP and a dead medic.


Yesterday I had a match with a val who was just using her sniper rifle in combat. No tranquilizer, no healing burst, and no medgun. Noob in this case.


I don’t really get any noobs besides medics who don’t heal themselves

And beyond players who give up too easily, haven’t met any trolls