Nooblet Voice


Soooo. Here’s the thing, I rarely talk and can go a few days/weeks/months/years without saying a word and that’s pretty normal for me.

These past few months though I’ve been talking way more each day around 100 or so words. My voice these past days seems to be acting up now… a few sentences in and my voice starts to get raspy and prolonged talking actually causes my voice to just stop. I was wondering if any of you know anything I can do to… you know, make my voice not sound like Batman (it’s cool yes but I like my own voice) and not sound like I’m dying. : D


Just takes time Kattu, your voice just needs to warm up since it isn’t used much normally. It’ll get better over time but mebbe do some voice warm ups every day to help. :smiley:


Is this by choice, or, something else? I ask because the answer might depend upon that.

It sounds like you’re asking for tips to make your voice “even out” in tone and such, and of course, talking more is a good way to stretch the vocal cords. There’s lots of exercises one could do to help out with voice tone. One thing you could do is practice the “fa la la la” vocal exercises that singers often use for different keys. This would stretch the vocal cords sufficiently, and open up the range of tones you’re using.


Let’s just say it was beat out of me as a child and because of that I hate talking with a passion.


Fair. Well, not at all fair, but, fair enough explanation for a shitty sequence of experiences. is a link to a piano exercise. Ideally, you’d sing along in key with the notes. It’s a variant of the “do re me fa so la te do” exercise, which also would be good for you, probably. Talking more consistently probably is helpful, too, including self-narration (to an extent), just as a vocal exercise. (You wouldn’t want it to become pathological and do it for everything though).

Some days when I don’t talk a lot, I talk to myself while I’m driving and self-narrate. It’s reflexive to me. But, I do talk. A LOT. As anyone who’s ever played this game with me must know.

Hopefully these are useful to you! It’s good to hear that you’re opening up.


I used to talk to myself on the shitter after going a long time without talking. Worked for me. I also used to do some vocal exercises and self narration. I started reading out loud as well(something I rarely did even as a young child). The thing I found to be most beneficial is the talking to one’s self, so long as it’s staged like a conversation between yourself and a really honest version of yourself. Hones critical self analysis on good days, and a good way to beat yourself up on bad days. Just don’t make it habitual.

I wish you luck.


Talk to myself? Er… okay. A little weird but I’ll try it out. Thank you for the replies. I guess I’ll have to have vocal workouts after my regular workout, lol…


Warm tea helps soath a sore throat as well as relax muscles in that don’t get much use in the vocal region.


I do something very similar. I’m a bit of a shut-in, so verbal communication is rare, particularly extended communication. If I can stay silent, I will do so. Had this happen one time, and it took me about 3 weeks to get over completely, but I took it way slow. Still go through bouts of complacency and forget that I need to speak.

Getting to the helpful part- I have to back up what fluffybunywhiskers suggested. It’s similar what I do now, except with a bit of variation. I find humming works quite well as a warm up before actually talking, or even in down time when there’s nothing to be said, and after that I tend to talk during a game, book, etc. Just outing my thought process so I don’t have to really think about talking, I can just do it when I know I need to.

I can recommend: picking up humming often as a habit, speaking words to songs on the radio/phone/Ipod/etc (I feel it’s safe to assume you don’t sing often, so this would be a better starting point than that), narrating games, following trains of thought aloud, and reading aloud.

Of course, it can take some time to remember to actually talk often enough to keep your voice in working order. It’ll also sound odd talking to yourself, but it helps tons.


I actually do sing when I’m alone… >\> but now I can’t. Voice just shuts down halfway through.


Drink warm liquids. Warm, but not too warm, you don’t want to burn it. It helps relax your throat and vocal cords.

And try and make the drinks less sugary. Helps.


I myself say only few ‘good day,thank you,bye’ [that is to girls in shop i buy things in]

So it is about 24words/month

What really helped me is drinking beer while playing and sucking my own.


I imagine if you just keep talking your voice will get used to it. Got to work it out.

If I do a day of a lot of talking or getting loud, I get a super deep voice. Like Isaac Hayes or something lol

Also besides my wife, I don’t talk a lot in real life so to keep my voice from ceasing to be I just make lots of stupid noises all day. It gives the dog something to be concerned about. The bastard has it too easy anyway.


There isn’t really much you can do except use your voice more often. Your vocal chords are simply weak and unused to activity. People that talk as part of their profession have trained their voices over years to remain strong with constant use.

As far as dealing with any soreness there are great tea recipes out there. I know adding a bit of honey and/or lemon to tea helps immensely.


Alright so talk more and drink tea when my voice gets sore, got it.


Used to be the same,and after i got my ex gf i was almost forced to talk to her all day long.Which is why the “ex”.I can tell you for sure that after a short time your voice will be back to normal.

If anything my voice got deeper with talking somehow so thanks ex gf for helping me find new gfs


Lost my voice yesterday. 10/10 best thread ever. xp


I used to talk to my OC in high school but that’s because I had no friends.


Talking is overrated.


Nope! :D

I talk to my friend back in LA every day if I can.