Noob question of the day


Hello folks. Man I know this is a stupid question but can someone enlighten me how the skill progression system works? I’ve got all of Val’s skills up to one star but they are not moving from there! Anyone care to explain the system to me? Thanks for the answers in advance!


Once you get one star in each skill, you should unlock Lazarus and the two star challenges.


the challenges are different for the second star i think. also check you aren’t like one point off one of the stars.


Haven’t unlocked Lazarus so I might actually be missing one skill. Thanks for the info folks!


Sure thing man. So first and foremost, when you are on the menus of the game click Profile then choose Medic. It should pull up your ranking in the world as Val. Simply click the right arrow over one and it should show your Mastery progression. Above each category it will tell you what you have to do during a match to progress that skill. For 2 stars it should be:

Revive 12 teammates with the MedGun: This simply means when someone gets incapacitated use your MedGun to heal them back to their feet instead of going over to revive them manually.

Tranquilize the Monster for 400 seconds: This is easy, just keep firing your Tranq Gun at the monster during a game. Each tranq should last about 7 seconds. Over time you will get this one.

Enable teammates to deal 12,000 bonus damage to the Monster: When you fire your sniper rifle it leaves a mark. When your team shoots these marks it increases their damage. Just use your sniper rifle more often to place multiple marks on your target.

Each category also deals with the class’s particular weapon so just look at which one it is to figure out what is needed. Plus these Mastery categories usually give you tasks that are advanced usages for that weapon as well. Hope this helps.