Noob Kraken's word


Here are some best monster players on PS4 (i think, maybe you are a better monster than them, but almost every good monster knows these names below on PS4).


I know it is hard to keep balance for this game, but the result showed that: if The best Monster vs The best Hunters, monsters only have less than 20% chance to win


You can also say Leaderborad is Useless, but i’m pretty sure you have not much experience on “random” matches.

It is hard to get a score on leaderborad like “500 Win, 1-2Lose”, aren’t you?


On ESL PC monsters have a 75% win rate. Leaderboards really do mean nothing to me. Out of 20 random games you maybe play 1 or 2 good teams. Just because people can kill pubs doesn’t mean they will do good with real teams.


Really the way to look at balance is how they’re doing it already. Using the small sample size of the ESL to determine balance will only get you questionable data.


console monsters are awful (like 95% of them)
because they never had a challenge (did u guys see the console pubs? its always lvl 10-40)


Who were the hunters? You got any names?
I’m just wondering if I know some of them, as I’m German, too



Appsmoker is a friend of my mine, he is very good. But my team beat a few times and he beats us a few times. Just how this game works.

PS4 doesn’t have a ESL like you said, but doesn’t we are worst than those in the ESL, we are on par with them for sure.

This game is pretty even across all platforms in terms to skill. My rule of thumb: Someone is always better than you somewhere you just haven’t met them


Yes, you are Right.

I only have one questions need to ask TR team:
Hunters team already has BIG advantage vs Monsters, why nerf monsters again? (Both the Highest level)

Probably making Four people happy is easiler than making One people happy…


Germany Team is Amazing and I also have to say: those monster players I listed are all Strong, and not worse than ESL monsters. But the result is unbeliable: Monsters almost have no chance for victory (<20%).