Noob Confessions


This is for anything and everything Evolve or Forum related.

For me,

  1. @SledgePainter is female WTF
  2. I tried to take down a pack of trapjaws when they appeared to steal my kill. Stage 1.
  3. I popped my assault shield any time combat started, regardless of if I wasx getting punched
  4. Laz on team? I hear he doesn’t have much healing, better pick up incapped hunters more often to help him!

  1. Why is that wtf?
  2. I do it because they piss me off. :slight_smile:


Lol I just never realized it


Add @Denny to that list. He only realised after I explained him and provided proof, like, two days ago.

For me:

I’m actually really bad with my jetpack most of the time.
I dislike playing Support, yet I have it as my third preference for some reason.
I lol at teammates dumb enough to step into plants, yet do the same thing more than enough.


For some reasons I have VERY hard times knocking off harpoons with my Kraken o.O.

  1. Sometimes I win on accident.

That counts right? :wink:

  1. @SledgePainter is female WTF



Check her profile tag.



Ha! That’s no noob confession. :wink: You show that wildlife who’s the boss! I do this all the time myself… There’s no shame in that. :smirk:

My noob confession?

… As Assault, I often pop the shield by accident when I want to reload my weapon. -.-


Ok, noob confession, monster style: I suck with the Wraith.


Except at stage 1, hunters are on your tail and trapjaws take forever to kill xD


I know, but I feel it’s necessary to teach nature that when you are around, nature must play by your rules, not the other way around… Even at stage 1. xD

… I know I’m silly like that.


confession i used the wraith only 4 times and i have never lost :frowning:


I suck with monster HAAAAARD and so I keep shamepicking Wraith. even only taking 1 decoy 1 nova and never putting decoy past 1, I’m like 17/1 and it kiiiiiiills me with guilt.


I’m top 200 PS4 leaderboards, and I still walk directly into plants sometimes. Tunnel vision so hard.

Also, for quite some time, I had no idea Daisy would follow you if you ran the wrong way, and would always assume “She’s going this way, so the monster must be this way!!”


My noob confessions:

  1. I never look down when I jetpack. Eye on the prize drops me into plants, and other super predators… far too often.
  2. I play bucket to UAV off the bat… because it’s a great excuse as to why I’m lagged out on my old rig for the first 30 seconds of the game…
  3. I sneak… into trees… and knock them over.
  4. A Tyrant half killed me in stage1 once…
  5. I half killed a party and died fleeing the sceen jumping… right into buckets sentry turrets he left behind on a previous battle…


I may or may not have popped the personal shield once or twice trying to heal burst…


I play better when im winning than when im losing, i get really mad when unable to win against a certain monster xD


Pressing 3 thinking I’m Cabot and wanting to dust only to realize I’m Hank and summoning an Orbital.