None of the monsters are OP


Just won 5 times in a row in evacuation, played against all three monsters (thrice vs wraith) and we annihilated the monster each time. we were all randoms with mics although i didn’t use mine bc i was streaming on twitch. if you know what you are doing then you should either win, or give a good fight. people need to stop with the spammed “wraith op” or just “decoy op” threads and learn to actually play against any of the monsters. Also before you try to spam that our monster was a noob, we had 3 different people join in as monster, the goliath was a noob, but the kraken and 3 wraiths were played by people who you could tell knew what they were doing. Our team comp was always mixed also we never had a solid team of specific hunters.

if you want to see the games they’ll be in the last archived stream i have on twitch

Hope you all have a wonderful day (know you may cry about not being able to kill wraith)