None can stand against the might EMET



Not when he stand outside the dome.


Only 1300 damage. Tss, amature :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t damage outside a dome.


Have you used the leader + commander perks to get this total health?


No, I use health regen most of the time, don’t plan on staying outside the dome much.


As an Emet main, I’d like his healburst cooldown to be longer and his healburst to be stronger.

Right now it feels like you need to spam the healburst like Slim, all while throwing buoys and mitigating.

I would, however, like to see the time limit on the game. I’ve gotten 40k healing and 5 calls in a 16 minute game:

Back in Legacy, I was an amazing healer. I was getting around 60k healing, with my max being 72k:


It’s worth noting that Emet’s healing buoy heal counter includes healing done by his healing burst. No other Medic, even Slim, has this advantage. So while it looks like he’s healing a lot, other Medics are healing just as much and more.

As for Emet healing outside of dome…I mean, if all the Hunters want to stand within 15m of the dome wall, that’s fine by me. I’m just going to crush them into the corner while they hamper themselves like that.

Or just knock them away, which isn’t too tough. No more healing. Surprise.


Emet does majority of his healing through his healburst. There is no way you can get abovce 10k healing off of passive buoy heals alone.


Yes. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s including two healing tools into one value. Even if one is a little weak, it’s still a noticeable difference.


Only other medic who can keep up with his healing is normal Val. Slim gets juggled so he can’t heal, Caira’s self healing is too low, Rogue Val can get juggled and her group heal rate is fairly slow, and Laz is… Laz.


The problem is, if Emet is in the dome fighting, he will get absolutly wrecked because of his low self-sustainability.

So while the OP has 48k, he was not in the major battle, fighting for his life. That is what costed a few k in my screenshot.

I don’t recall anyone ever saying it excluded healburst, so I don’t know why you would pull this up. The way I look at it, is the healburst comes off of the buoys too, thus the buoys are getting counted for the heal from the healburst.


Actually, here’s a screenshot from an in-dome round against a lv32 wraith. Had Sunny so we didn’t need the becon.


Developers said it once, when Emet launched and people called him OP for his postgame healing statistics. You can go find this if you wish.

I think the simplest way to settle this is by saying that:

There is no way Emet, who has for a long time been considered one of the weaker Medics, heals more than someone like, say, Caira, Val, Rogue Val, Slim. Etc. It simply looks like he does.


I’ve tested all the medics. I already gave you my answer above. He is a strong healer now.


No. Val can only heal 1 players at a time and only by med-gun (what gets counted at the end game screen stats). She has to recharge her gun every so often, whereas Emet can constantly spam healburst.

I’ve never seen a Val get above 20k, and that’s back in Legacy Evolve.

Emet is the same way if he is being focused. If you were not outside the dome healing, you could have been focused and gone down, thus you wouldn’t have been healing the team much.

But she is the only other medic that can heal without using healburst. It just doesn’t count the healburst in her nades score.

But she has a stong self-heal. Emet and Slim (even Laz) do not.

Relies on reviving dead bodies as a form of healing, so he can’t be compared to the others.

But in terms of this thread, no one brought up the fact that healburst gets counted. Old history is old history.

No, he does. You can’t explain why I got 72k healing as him, and somehow he results as the weakest medic.

His major flaw in Stage 2 is his low self-heal. Healburst only does 1/2 bar of health, but is on a fast cooldown. Prevously, his passive heal on his buoys was small, so he had to rely on healbursts to heal. This resulted in him getting the respawn beacon, because it was hard for an average Emet player to keep the team alive off healbursts.

In my whole time in Evolve, I’ve never seen Val get above 20k healing, Caira over 40k, and Slim I rarely played him.

Emet has a high skill celing. So on average he does heal less, but in experienced players he can outheal any other medic, as proven by my 72k healing screenshot.

As a team healer, yes. If he gets focused and you don’t have good mitigation perks then you will go down easily. His self heal is piss-poor and without a defensive support he will fail and his team will fail.


Edit: Removed the long winded post because I realize I was being a bit rude, which I apologize for, and secondly I didn’t realize that you meant when Emet is not being focused. I thought you meant he could outheal any other Medic in a straight up normal fight, which I disagreed with.

My sincere apologies for the standoffish demeanor and for misunderstanding.


Emet always lacked self-sustainment. I’ve played medic since launch, and I use Jump Height to out-maneuver the monster and mitigate. This counteracted his weakness.

Once I removed his weakness, he was a real shining star.

I very well understand his weaknesses, and I am sorry for coming off a bit on the ignorant side. I’ve done so much Emet that it’s a norm to not call out all of his weaknesses.

It’s fine :wink:

Just imagine that everyone has a demon core that controls half of your life.


Or, in some peoples’ cases- such as drivers, Call of Duty players and children in general- a bit more than half. :slight_smile:


Uh, what? I’m rarely ever outhealed in a dome as EMET. It’s pretty hard to down me at all.

Also, Laz doesn’t rely on reviving dead people anymore as they get strikes now. If you use all cd perks in Laz his 500hp heal burst is gets off cooldown fast. Gets to the point where the monster hops off the downed guy he can’t kill.


The monster player must not be hard focusing you. I take down any Emet with ease, especially since I’m a Gorgon player.

Yes, that was changed, but he still relies on people going down either way.

I’ll wait to see it before I believe it :wink: