Non-Medics What's the Deal?

Particularly with Lazarus. Do you justify ever picking your teammates when the Medic is 5 meters away?

A little more aimed at the Assaults.

I always tell people to keep doing what they’re doing so I can just heal the body up while the monster is still getting damaged. Unless I’m getting focused and the monster is body blocking nades and stuff, someone else should try to go for the revive then. Guess it’s kinda the same with Laz, if Lazarus can’t go for the revive it’s sometimes just better for someone else to do the revive.

I don’t get it either.

I’m sorry, I try to be in line of sight for the medics ;W; I’m just REALLY AGRESSIVE sometimes D:

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Please read unedited original post.


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I’m not talking about healing. I’m talking about reviving teammates when the Medic is perfectly capable.

Uhm, if people revive while Laz is capable of reviving himself they’re just being stupid. Don’t know what to say to that :s

That is entirely the point of the post.

OH! I never do that, ever. I do sometimes tell my teammates that I want to take the strike though, if our Laz cant get me up

This is about Medics being up and able to do it.

Soooooo many people 20+ just reviving everyone they can get their hands on.


More fun is a Laz that revives…but not using the Gauntlet , tsk tsk


Yeah I saw that Laz :anger:

If you can truly say that laz will get the revive off without consequences such as boulder to the face, then sure. In a Laz build, normal rezzes usually only occur in body-block scenarios. This is generally when the monster is chasing Laz and it doesn’t look like the downed player will make it any other way (Laz is going down / the monster will easily body block again soon). Another scenario is for the shielded Not-Laz to hold the downed player’s health at a constant level to buy more time for damage or cooldowns. Occasionally a Not-Laz should go for a rez first to lure out the monster cooldowns.

You get people who either think Laz’s glove can only revive dead players so they revive incapped players normally OR they don’t know you can revive dead players even with the big marker on-screen. Then when you get a lazarus who can play properly, and support or someone revives you while Laz is making his way over, it’s a mess. There should be a way as an incapped player to ignore someones revive, to stop yourself getting a strike.

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Said this a while ago mate. The only problem I can see with that is someone trolling and refusing revives, but then again that kind of player will probably ruin the game anyway.

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Trappers should revive sometimes, sups too, it’s not all on meds

Or yesterday I was down and the dome ran out. My assault and Lazarus teammate kept chasing the monster while the trapper came to revive me. Lol. I told him not to and told Laz to do it but to no avail. Ugh.

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I agree. I have a top down list of revive priority. Now it’s just my opinion but i I’m assault I keep punishing. I expect medic to revive people first and then support because they can use their cloak and if all else fails then trapper.

If I play support and my teammate goes down I run by and cloak him at least.

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That one person who constantly revives the support even though I am Laz, and I have told him so everytime.
He did not care. I was “taking too long”

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In most cases, reviving shouldn’t be medic’s job, unless Lazarus. Or Caira lobbing grenades from afar. Or Slim’s healing drone.

Monsters these days tend to camp or at least pay close attention to the downed body and medic is probably not the optimal role to attract unwanted attention. A cloaked support or trapper should be better suited for that.

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