Non evolve characters as hunters


This is not a suggestion rather I want you to give me characters
To put into posts that I will make similar to this one I did not to long ago

(but no trolls)
Just to show how fun,funny, or stupid it could be to have in game :wink:
I will state the characters names, class and gear.
I just want input on the characters you want seen in these kinds of posts.
(I will ignore any info on characters or kits other than their name and the source material they come from. I don’t want to copy paste ideas here :slight_smile: )


Medic should be Hawkeye
Assault is Iron Man
Trapper is Hulk (because green)
and Support is Thor
Do your worst


Good luck making a set up with these guys :smirk:


I’m Only taking the characters.
not the suggestions of class or gear :wink:
I will do my worst :wink:


Oh gawd the lolz.
I can’t even remember which is which.
time to do research :smiley:


@SledgePainter anything you want seen :wink:


Ninja Turtles…Master Splinter in place of Daisy. :wink: