Non character related suggestions


Non character related suggestions


1. A way to browse through all hunters and monsters.

  • It is important for players to be able to look through other characters. Firstly, to read through their abilities and secondly to evaluate which character to buy next. The profile menu (top right) has the character tab, but the abilities and also the price to buy them in the shop are missing. If the abilities would be added in the profile menu players could look at them while searching for a game and even while being in a games lobby.

2. Full Statistics when the game is finished.

  • I see no reason why players are not able to see teammates and monsters statistics. In my opinion it helps to evaluate what went wrong in lost games. Hunters will be able to see how they manage with different classes and what kind of combinations work well. Monsters gain valuable information on what to expect from different hunter classes and what to avoid, etc.
  • Further, missing statistics and no chat box gives me a kind of a feeling of isolation. It doesn’t feel like a team game if you win/lose a match and you don’t get back in a lobby with statistics and a chatbox.

3. In the store characters need to be divided by classes.

  • The store is a mess in my opinion. All tabs need some second tabs or other layout that makes stuff easier to find.

4. Finding a match with friends needs to be improved.

  • Parties get constantly disbanded and separated when looking for matches. This is really frustrating and a fun killer.

5. Outfading of grass or other grass like obstacles when you walk into them.

  • Sometimes when you walk as a hunter into a field of plants/grass in the heat of battle your whole screen is covered no matter where you turn and run and you get totally disorientated. Maybe it would be possible to fade them out or omething else if you walk into them.


  1.   Quick in game direction communication.
  • e.g. press alt + drag mouse to the right until it hovers over ‘east’, release alt to say or give a message indicating that you want to go east or spotted the monster east.
  • alt + direction = monster spotted ‘direction’
  • ctrl + direction = I’m moving ‘direction’