Nogen danskere?


hvis der er nogen danskere der ude som gerne vil joine mig og en jeg kender i evolve må i gerne skrive i denne thread :smiley: vi søgere nogle flere spillere siden det er sjovere at spille i en gruppe… Also sorry for not typing in english i dont know if its allowed or not to post in my own language


Well of course you can, I just won’t know what you just said :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeg er.

However, why didn’t you just ask in English? All danes know it anyway…


He’s essentially looking for danish people to play with from what I can tell.
I’ll be quiet. My swedish sucks and my danish is very lackluster.


Almost every non originally English speaking person I know can speak English and their own language… Yet most people that primarily speak English only know English lol >.<


nogen er ordblinde og sådan og har svært ved at lære et nyt sprog og kan ikke særlig godt engelsk :stuck_out_tongue: men hvis du gerne vil være med til at spille sidder mig og en anden dude og spiller lige nu


It’s because we don’t really need to know another language, as English is the most widely spoken language in the western world.

Though people like @MaddCow break this rule; show-offs! :smiley:

If it’s any consolation I want to know other languages, but without incentive it takes time and dedication; it’s on the bucket list.


This is true


vil du være med til et game nu? vi skal til at queue så du kan lige joine hvis det er


Not right now, but add “Dark Neuron” on steam, and we’ll look at it later.


Lol I too want to know another language but the problem is the same thing I’m not in an environment where I’m required to learn another language. Not even Spanish because most Hispanic people in america already know English… So when I took five years of Spanish I was pretty unhappy that trying to engage people in Spanish led to them saying they knew English… Sigh :confused: lol
Meanwhile my theology professor can speak Hebrew, Korean, Latin, and some mandarin :unamused:


I’ve encountered this in almost all of my trips away from the UK, and it’s rather depressing, though they’re probably tired of us natives trying to learn their languages and doing a terrible job. :smiley:


LOL we English folk just can’t seem to catch a break :stuck_out_tongue:


I know Dovahzul!

Zu’u tinvaak ko vun do Dovah.


Umm @Shin
Help a guy out that doesn’t speak in dragon tongue? :slight_smile:


He just said he speaks in the dragon language. Nothing much.


Oh, well pardon me :stuck_out_tongue:


Should I translate that for the dragon?


Jeg er Dansk! Har dog ofte travlt med at spille Monster, men en gang imellem er det godt at få en pause og spille noget hunter.

Mit navn er også Bot på steam og du kan bare tilføje mig hvis du har lyst. :smile:

Godt at se at der er andre danskere på Forumet. :smiley:

Viking power ftw!


Oh no, all is well :slight_smile: but it would be cool to see another convo be twixt the two of you