#NoFear Story Time


So we all know one of the driving forces of Evolve is fear.

If you’re a Monster, you fear the early dome and a team that knows how to use it. You fear the perm-track that means you’ll have trouble armoring or evolving without paying for it. You fear The shields and heals and damage that a good team has, and will not hesitate to throw at you.

The Hunters have their own fears as well. That Stage 3 Warning, meaning the Monster has you on the run. That mounting pressure every second the monster evades your sights. That moment when your medic drops and your support follows, and you know its time to “split and pray”.

But sometimes… you say “YOLO” and throw your fears out the window, and you rush in with reckless abandon, betting it all on that glorious moment of adrenaline and endorphins, to destroy your opposition, no matter the odds.

This thread was made for those stories, so I’ll go first.

 I was playing evacuation against a damn good Hunter squad. The first round was a Hunt, and I had gone Goliath. The entire game they had me pegged, there was no tracking dart, but they always seemed to have eyes on me, and I could only run, not eat. After two domes at stage one, and another the instant I hit stage two, I finally dropped. (My first loss as a Monster, so I was feeling the pain hard.) 
 Once the selection screen came up, 4 near-instant votes for Nest, and I knew this was going to be another nightmare of a match. But I put on my brave face, selected Goliath, 2 points in Leapsmash and 1 in Firebreath and CD reduction, and saw them grab their hunters. Lazarus, Bucket, Griffon, and Hyde. I was dreading that "The Dam" loading screen, as I was already playing the match out in my head, and kept coming up with a loss. I don't remember the buff they got, but i think it was something like "Clear skies." 
 Then i loaded in, and something strange happened. I noticed one of the eggs, sitting not 10 meters away from me, slightly off to my left. I can still visualize it in my head with surprising clarity. I don't know If I always spawn that close too eggs, or if it was random chance, but seeing that egg , spurred something in me. "I bet they wouldn't expect that..." Were my only uttered words, as I walked over and hatched it.
 My new minion burst from the egg, and wasted no time, leaping to the Hunter drop-zone, and I followed, getting two canyon striders on the way. As I caught up to the minion, it was just standing there, looking up, and as I followed its gaze, the hunters were dropping from the ship. I don't know what went through their heads, but I sincerely hope it was something along the lines of "Thats not right..." 
 Whatever it was, the bolder my minion hurled at them surely halted it, landing a solid hit on Bucket and Lazarus, sending the latter flying into a wall, which I had immediately Leap smashed. He burst healed, but it wasn't enough, and he downed between my Firebeath and another Leap smash from my minion as he jetpack bursted away. My minion was gladly focused on mutilating Lazarus' body, so I ran analysis through my head. Hydes' shield was unused, and he and griffon were pouring damage onto my minion, when I saw Bucket duck around a corner. 
 Leaping over, i caught a glimpse as he cloaked, and put my money down, leapsmashing and hoping for the hit before he got lost in the confusion. Bucket blinked back into existence just long enough, and I knew this was going well. I auto'd him back to the ground, and wen't to work, cleaning him up with a Firebreath, some auto attacks, and a Leap smash when he tried to side-dodge me. As the DNR award came up, I saw my minion make its death throes, and the big red X appear, but it had done its job, Lazarus was a corpse. So now it was me, Hyde, and Griffon. 
I was out of armor, and about 1/3 trough my first bar of health by that moment, so I had a call to make, bug out and evolve while they regrouped, or go all in. And I was feeling like quite the betting man. Leapsmashing onto Hyde, he popped his shield, so I played the part, watching the Griffon on the edge of my screen, and the moment he went invisible, I made my move. A quick leap to where I knew Griffon was trying to revive Bucket, an auto to interrupt, and a Firebreath to track him, Griffon had no chance to escape, and as he dropped, so did Hydes' shield. And I got to play cleanup.
The final time of the match was 1:59, and I felt like a blood-soaked badass, with 2 bars of health remaining, and the enemy perhaps rethinking their domination of this Evacuation match.I even got the steam achievement Massacre off of it. Unfortunently, I had no video-recording active, but I still have the mini-map recording off of Hunters Quest.

Ok, your turns! And remember, #NoFear!


Amazing. Loved that read P:


That was a sweet post.

Loved the waiting for Griff to go invis part.