Nobody wants to Fight Silver monster


Before the last major update when the monster joined you could see the players name and if a monster had a reputation then hunters would jump out. 2K has tried to remedy this problem by making the monsters identity unknown until the 2nd loading screen so if you jump out you screw the team and get a time penalty. This is not working very well for the hunters or the monster. I wonder how many silver monster players are sick and tired of trying to join a game when hunters like me jump out when we are all lower level bronze and we see the silver monster. Most hunters seem to be of the bronze variety while most monsters are either determining rank or silver, an easy bounce boogie and bump from DT to silver for the monster while at the same time the stakes for the hunter are higher and nobody wants to fight a silver let alone an unknown silver monster. I was just wondering if there are any silver monsters out there that are sick and tired of waiting a long time to join a game and as soon as you find one they all jump out and the waiting starts all over again, it must grow tiresome.


Trust me, being a gold monster this is beyond stupendous, but it was happening to me before this update.

The simple resolution to this problem is to not leave.

And it sounds like to me, that hiding identity doesn’t affect your problem, because you are backing out because he is a higher rank.


I searched and searched for a ranked match as monster all weekend… when I say all weekend I am not joking. I even stayed up all night and watched my friend (bronze rank) play his matches while mine sat and searched from 9pm - 4am.

I was able to play a total of 3 matches as monster from Friday thru Monday.

The reason I am replying to this thread is because I am silver elite ranked and unless the hunter team was ranked above me they would leave and force me to sit in an endless que again.


I’ve actually had quite a few bronze players stay and play against me when my rank is Silver elite-destroyer.


Yeah I feel you guys. I am silver and I do see hunters pop in and pop out. I usually hop back and forth now from ranked to quickplay since the gorgon release increased the number of monsters playing. I feel like that will change however when the new hunters are released. I can’t wait… when the new hunters come… the Gorgon will be waiting!..:smiling_imp:


If hunters weren’t so heavily penalized for losing we wouldn’t bail. Losing 15 points because we lost to an already favorited monster is infuriating. I do think they should hide ranks pre game though. It would pretty much eliminate this issue.


Well at least you know how monsters feel when fighting god comps.


I’ve lost 45 points because people wanting to face Silver master+ monsters, I’ll always avoid them until I feel good enough to face one.


As a monster I wish I would lose points so I could be in a rank that finds matches.


I’m a monster main but a boss in general at every position. And yes God comps piss me off. Any comp with Sunny is a God comp in case anyone was wondering…


As a silver hunter(for now), its frustrating playing a silver monster when all your pub team are determining rank. It’s pretty much a nailed on monster win. That being said I don’t back out.

The league tables should be more in line with each other. I mostly seem to play a monster in a different league. Higher or lower. I know there is an averaging for the team skill level to pick the monster but why am I paired with a bronze master and a silver master in the first place??

It would make more sense to have;
Top 33% of players in gold
Middle 33% in silver
Bottom 33% in bronze

So you only play with your league made of 5 divisions and the monsters of those leagues. No cross contamination

Or am I being fussy?


Well there isn’t always silver hunters online. While determining ranks count as silver on the first match.


I agree that ranks system is not good. Rank system should by on start of Evolve, when there was playing about 9000 people (PC). Now whit 500 players (Still PC:) that system is unnecessary. More, that’s system creates a situation when nobody won’t to join hunt team whit 2 or even 1 determinik. So they can’t learned from more experienced players. That system creates a situation when player’s are jumping out when they see high rank monster and sometimes creates situation when after 2 losses you finish playing because you afraid of yours points. I’m thinkin that they should eliminate rank system and leave only the ladder rank. If you wont to by in first 15 then you have motivation. But you don’t by afraid to play whit better monster or better Hunter team becous you will by not know that he is better. Of ours you will can check the ladder but imo that is better solution then rank system.


Guess I should be happy then to be a Bronze Monster player where I find a match at least under 5 minutes.


I agree, not to mention all the people that have only played temporary but are still ranked in the system. For example you see lots of players who were lucky enough to get high ranked (Silver and Gold), only never to have played again (possible with the free weekend that happened on PC).

What I believe the ranking should be, is that people who play should move up in the rank as well (whether they win or lose). Off course winning grants a bigger jump then losing. People who dont play frequently (for example once a week) get then a penalty and lose a set amount of points.

There could even be a system integrated where players could put themselves on “vacation” from the ranking system to avoid point penalty (but only for a maximum of two weeks).


Don’t avoid fights, Holding onto points by leaving games gives you a false rank. Ranked is not a progression system, it’s there to measure your rank, not increase it. Let go of the Idea that you will slowly increase your rank, and learn to enjoy your wins and losses.

Also, the title should be “I don’t want to fight Silver Monsters”


Good solution. And max 2 weeks for 3 Months. Like you can during 3 Months pick one 2weeks brake. But to not lose the points in normal situation you must play like 1 ranking Hunt ewery 1 day. If you dont play 1 day you lose 1 point, 2 days 2 points,… But stil im talking abaut and only the ladder rank system. You dont see bronz, silver, gold rank so you dont be afraid to play. If you are ambitious, you play to be in top 15 in the ladder rank. System can matching the players from the ladder rank, but if there no suitable monster or player you dont care becous you dont see the rank. Monster will be hapy, Hunters will be hapy. Nobady will afraid of lose the points.


A match-up of all the ranks, not a bad idea. If bronze players come to lose against a Gold destroyer, they would for example not lose too much points due to the difference in rank while Gold wont earn that much either. On the other hand, if Bronze players manage to win against a Gold player, they get a very very big point bonus while a Gold player loses a lot of points.


The idea of ranking bronze, silver and gold is ok but not for this amount of players. It causes only lowering matches, extends the time in the lobby and makes that players are unhappy when they lose points and does not want to play anymore. This leads to bored when someone can not get out of Bronz devision or bored when silver elite monster play only 3 games in all weekend…

It could also be some form of reward players for number of wins outside ladder ranking (of which should be removed inactive players). F.e. the new icons to the profile or other cool things that do not would influence the gameplay.


To each their own, that might be your perspective but that’s that.