Nobody seems to know if this a bug or a feature


Some other players and I have noticed that when you get hit by Goliath’s rock throw in midair, sometimes you lose control of your character, the controls lock up, and your camera does a slow spin until you hit the ground.

Is this bug or a feature?


I’ve encountered this more than once and I’ve got to say that regardless whether it’s a feature or not, it needs to go.


Feature. It’s called a knockback roll and happens on every attack except dot attacks, abduction and most wildlife attacks (big wildlife do cause knockback).



In all seriousness though, the spinning around in the air uncontrollably is a bug as far as I’m aware.

He’s talking about the ballerina spin you do when you go flying into the air, not the knockback part.


I’ve never encountered a ballerina spin XD.

Is this exclusive to stage 2?


Yeah, I know knockback. This is different, and it only happens with goliath rock throw.


Not sure, I believe @heppi reported this once but I dont remember how it happened, and that was pre-stage 2.


Since 7.0. He even said it was only rock throw.

@MrStrategio said that they weren’t able to reproduce the issue, hence it may not be fixed.


Im 99% sure this was in the game since big alpha.
It doesn’t happen to me very often since I’ve learned to save my jetpack.

Those few monster players I have on friend list also knows about it and they use it as advantage.
Never thought it as a bug, more like a punishment for “wasting” jetpack, or as a reward for those monsters who learns how to create good skill combinations with it.


I think that it does have something to do with momentum, It usually happens right as the rock impacts if I’m boosting out of the way, if it hits me before I clear the aoe. It seems like the combination of heavy damage, an attack with momentum, and boosting is what does it.