Nobody is using sunnys' jetpack booster


Its got so many great uses like getting the trapper in for the dome, turning the assault into an attack helicopter or just saving people from being pummeled. But nobody i have played with besides my one friend that plays support uses it. Its such wasted potential when all she does is spam the grenade launcher, causeing either the monster to get away or someone to get a strike.


I literally just made a feedback post with a suggestion on how they could improve the notification XD great minds think alike, eh?


I’ve played all the day today and every Sunny I’ve met used it. (as Trapper, on PC)


I haven’t experienced this yet, but that’d be highly annoying cause it’s a very useful tool.


Mmmmmm I misread… gr… so then the SUNNY’S aren’t the ones using it. I have the opposite problem where I use it and people just don’t notice so the don’t use their jetpacks XD


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. If you are playing this game without a mic, you are bad. Well… not really but, cooperation is OP. And a good mic is like, $30. Go get one. Tell your team to use the boost.


This. I feel like I was taking crazy pills!


Some people are shy, friend. Other people are in parties in the game, and still others have the volume turned down, music turned up, or don’t listen. Communication is nice and all but it just doesn’t work some times.


I adore the jetpack beam. Was fighting a Wraith the other day who abducted my medic, I hit him with the beam and as Wraith let go he shot straight up into the air. Poor mermaid creature spent so long looking up at him that the assault dropped down at his feet and brought the thunder.


True, but the degree to which it enhances the experience is really incredible. Its literally the difference between Facebook & Google Plus. The latter service has many of the same features, but without your friends to talk to, its just not the same.

Highly encourage those who can do so to try communicating… it really works wonders for stuff like this, especially for Sunny!


I use her boost all the time that thing is almost an exploit because monsters get so confused when the person they are going for partially disappears and is miles away. The problem I see with most Sunny players is that they use it on the person in the head of the pack and not the people dragging behind. True though I wish they could make the notification or a louder callout from Sunny.


I ussually try to but it often falls on silence or people telling me to not tell them what to do


I play sunny and use it all the time it’s awesome


at least i have the hope that there are people like you folk to actually use sunny to full potential


People get mad when you call for teamwork? That’s literally the point of the game. Someone asking for a jetpack seems like it would make your job easier. Just don’t be that guy screaming for the Medic every time a Reaver looks at you harshly. (I know dude I can see the health bar.)


I guess the lot of them dont like to use the jetpack, they will ussually always use shield drone and cloak fine but not the booster


add me hydra im on XB1 and mainly play medic. Ill boost around :slight_smile:


As i’ve said in another thread, even with randoms and no-mic’s, if you get them hyped up, they play better AND use the boost!

“trapper! your boosted! GOGOGO!”
“your turn assault! GO!”
“medic! boosted! get out of there!!!1111!”

I love boosting people, so fun :stuck_out_tongue: i rarely use the mini-nuke haha.

i just go %30 recharge for the boost, and only use nuke when i use the thing all in one go.


Lol just gotta be a hype man, I’m gonna figure out a way to queue some badass music every time I boost someone. And by figure out a way, I mean convince my gf to push the play button on a song every time I say, “Now!”


I wont use it if I think the value is low using that charge right now.