Nobody in Hunt mode?


i have been in a 25ish min queue, is no one playing in hunt mode at the moment ? Sure there is skirmish and all but i wanna play hunt yo but i haven t been able to play in hunt for a while now


What is your rank ? It could affect on your wait-time if it’s too high.
I’m silver expert and I need a lot of time to find people as a monster.
There could be less hunters because of the “Monsters OP” bla bla.
I usually play in quickplay, sometime in customs and ranke depending on the number of people.


:notes: I tried playing hunt 2.0 :notes:

I tried queuing for hunt monster last night (PC) but couldn’t found any games, waited for a whole hour requeuing every few minutes as I play other stuff and thanks.

The game is dead to me, with only 60 people playing online the only way I’ve been playing is in customs.


Yeah, no one plays ranked hunt. Only way you’re going to find a game is in skirmish


RIP Hunt. :scream:


You guys all on PC?

Last time I tried Hunt it probably took a minute or two tops?

But I am on PS4, and I think we have the bulk of the active players. (Quick play takes seconds to find a match)

I’ll try again tonight and see if its bad or not.

I guess I just been avoiding Hunt cause I don’t have a team to be hunter with and I’m not sure what the politically correct monster is these days to not get hate mail, LMFAO!!

And no I wont play as Goliath or MG in Ranked anymore, not sure why but they just feel so clunky to me now that I got used to Gorgon.

Gonna have to use the Goliaths in Defend more often to get used to using them again.


What rank are you? It takes about a half an hour for me to find a match on ps4 and I’m silver expert.


Last time I played Hunt I think I went from the lowest silver to the highest Bronze or something like that.

I’m not too stat hungry, it’s probably a good thing too or I wouldn’t be able to find any games like you guys.

Maybe the solution is to play ranked with your worst monster and lose a few times?

It seems like a lot of players farm solo mode to learn, then jump into pubs and just win, all their losses are in solo mode.

When i get a new character I might play a game or three of solo to see how they move or how much damage they can take but I do 99% of all my character stars in actual matches.

Maybe that has something to do with it?

Its like some value rank above fun level, and would rather not play at all then lose a few matches here and there?

But who knows, its been weeks since I tried ranked, so I’ll check tonight and see if the bronze level is as empty as everyone implies still. If its well populated I guess you could just lose a match and be in like flin?


I could drop my rank a bit, but then it wouldn’t be fun because I would destroy everyone in bronze. It would be the same as pub stomping in quickplay. I haven’t played multiplayer since the leaderboards broke though, so maybe there’s more silvers now.


As a monster, my ques range from 5-50 minutes depending on time of day.

As a hunter, my ques range from 1 - 20 minutes depending on time of day.


Yeah only played ranked as monster, dont have a group for hunter play…yet.


As long as Kraken, Kelder and Gorgon is not fixed. No one enjoys to play hunt. The only way to have fun at the moment with this game is to get some nice custom games up and ban those three monsters…


Im in silver and i can hardly ever get into a game cuz game ded rn


Ok sure, but which hunters do you ban?

I find it very funny when a hunter is OP everyone ends up using him online like its no big deal, but play with any monster even once considered OP and you are a scrub or something, lol.

But really I only see it as a problem for the ego, same with the modes which favor one side or the other, is it really so horrible to lose a match?

Take it as a challenge, fighting the most OP monster and winning has got to be worth 10 matches against a UP monster right?

So my favorite monster has been Gorgon ever since she came out, and its like I’m not allowed to use her anymore or something? But I can always say “at least i wasnt Krakken, or EK or Behemoth, etc”

If the only monster I am allowed to play as is Goliath then this is stupid, play with a character I dont consider as fun just so others can easily defeat me? LOL.

I dont mind losing, but I dont want to make that my goal just to make friends with my food kinda thing.


For PC, I think most are waiting for TU9.0.

I cant find a match as Silver Skilled monster. So for me (for the time being) this game is waiting for resurrection.

Only way it to play customs, as quickplay is not the enjoyable. The daily lows are on 20-40 players in PC side, highs are 100-200. On weekends you can try with better luck, but as Ive seen the entire game will change I see no point at the moment.


The only person stopping you from playing gorgon is yourself. Play whoever you like, everyone is going to bitch regardless. And like you said hunters abuse OP characters just as much.


Yep, I avoid players that only want to play Rank with Sunny, too much people give lessons they should apply to themselves. There is too much pressure with this players, I just want to have fun with the character I want.


PC always takes an hour to find a match in hunt but now it’s starting to happen on ps4, which is unheard of. I felt like getting back on evolve for a few matches but I couldn’t find any in hunt. I literally sat there for a little over 35-40 minutes and couldn’t find a game. The micro patch really did drive away players.

Edit: I closed my phone but it submitted the unfinished post, it’s good now though.


Which side ? I have this problem with my Silver Expert monster, but there is no problem at all with my hunters.
Too much people go on the monster side because of their buffs.


I’m a silver master monster. I took a break from evolve and came back for a few games but wait times are reaching PC levels. There isn’t even a surplus of monsters, as the game isn’t even notifying everyone that there’s too many monsters on, it’s just that there is barely anyone playing.