No Wraith Voodoo Skin ? But I played during the time frame?


I played about ten games on the Sunday but I still haven’t got this skin yet is it just me ? Did I have to play everyday during the event to get it ?


Rephrase, It’ll be out by 30th April.


They haven’t all been given out yet. If you don’t have it soon enough, contact 2K “Support.”


Guess I’ll wait to the end of the week, I even have matches recorded from the Sunday so there’s no reason I shouldn’t have it.


To my knowledge, no one on the forum has them yet. I checked this morning and still no skin.


I only ask because in game it says “Skins now available” on the main menu.


Yup, I saw that as well. Hopefully we start to see confirmations today.


waiting for the skin aswell, but seeing this gives me some comfort
At least i’m not the only one waiting :smile:


@MaddCow have you heard anything about this?


Well TRS, you got 2 hours and 3 minutes to go, then.


TRS is on the US Pacific Coast. It’s nearly 1pm there.


Don’t you think think a company in 2015 should be able to release content worldwide at the correct time respectively?


If it’s ready sure, but aside from the maps we are also getting a patch (PS4/PC) and micropatch (X1).

This is also free content, if it was something you paid for it might be a different story.


Not complaining. Just sayin. Lots of people have been waiting today…for nothing. This could have been solved better.

[Edit] Of course it’s ready. It’s been ready since end of March. They just held it back because Xbox.


Patches and micropatches are new though, better to send them all at the same time. Patches cost a lot of money to push out for consoles.


What are these micropatches supposed to do?


They are balance adjustments. Tweaks to damage, masteries, things like that.


Oh yeah, right. I forgot. Cheers!

Well, tbh I rather have TRS take their time to release bug-free patches.


And to you! :beers:


Come over. I’ve got some awesome German beer in the fridge :beers: