No Weekend Challenge?


Is there one this weekend? I havn’t seen anything posted


@TheMountainThatRoars @MaddCow


Not that we have heard.


Darn was hoping for one


Me too : /


@Evster3 That was the fastest like I have ever gotten and that was the fastest two likes I have even seen happen


Would like some weekend challenges as well :frowning: It’s a nice incentive to make sure to get some Evolve hours in during the weekend.


Don’t worry, we still have weekend challenges, just less frequently than we were previously. We have one planned for the weekend of the 18th.

I think Laz Adaptation is going to released on Thursday the 17th

Sweet that’s when my best friend is visiting we’ll be able to do some challenges


I didn’t know I was coming over! /kappa


You didn’t get my 3million FB status updates?


Lmao no. I must have scrolled right passed them.


It’s legit only 1 of them was actually in english