No teamwork stats. Also lacked from l4d


Hi guys,
I LOVED l4d. But one thing that always bugged me was it didn’t tell you have much damage you did with each weapon, how much damage infected did to a survivor while you had him smoked / boomed, how many revivals you made, how many medi packs you shared - you get the picture.

Now in Evolve it’s actually worse. It tells you how well you did with your weapons, but no idea how well others did. Sometimes a player NEEDS to see how many times he got revived, or how much damage hanks shield generator saved him from to get an idea of what turned the tide of battle.

L4d at least had the statistics at the end - most infected killed etc. PLEASE include this. It’s a bit bizarre that a game focusing around teamwork becomes all about the individual the moment the match is over.


Why is it so important to see what another person did? Or am I missing something here?


Learning. Improving. For both Hunters and the Monster.

If I think I’m doing well and we lose, it would be nice to see where it went wrong. I can’t always tell if Markov hasn’t placed a single mine that game.

Or if a monster can see that hank nullified vast amounts of damage he’ll know to get him next time.


I was thinking about this a couple days ago. I would also like to see how much damage, wildlife I killed, health, etc. compared to my team mates.


It helps some people determine if the players are worth playing with. This being a team game, this helps a lot.

It’s also nice to see what happened in the game and who was the deciding factor.

It helps me help other players when I can if I noticed they didn’t harpoon at all, shield at all, blah.


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You got a point. Would be nice to see more data and evaluation statistics in the game.