No Summer Sale ...?!


Hi there,

i hoped that Evolve will be part of the Steam Summer Sale, because some friends of me would bought it if it will be in the sale now … but there is no %-off when im on the shop page evolve?

Why isn’t it part of it? So no new players for evolve … :confused:


Wait, wtf? It’s not?


Not every game gets a discount guys.

I’d also rather get new players with the new update than right now when Evolve is in limbo.


This is my thinking also. Evolve might go on sale when the TU launches. Maybe even a free weekend, who knows.


What? Limbo just went F2P! Conspiracy? I thunked nut!


I’m not seeing anything because the store is being overloaded like hell, but hey, maybe we will get the update during the summer sale? They do have a tendency to release patches on thursdays so… ;o? One can dream.


I’m having the same problem. Not sure if I’ll actually get anything, but it’s worth a look (eventually) right? :smile:


Can anyone check the in-game store on PC? Maybe some skins are on sale (which doesn’t show on the Steam store anymore).


You can keep an eye out for when it comes back up here:


Didn’t even know that existed. :smile:



Any time steam gets weird I always double check that site to see if anything’s going on :stuck_out_tongue:


didn’t Evolve just have a sale on Playstation? Maybe not


Be patient, they’re probably gonna do something big especially with the summer update coming.


Patience, grasshopper.


They did. HS1 was free. HS2 was like $11. It was PS Plus only though.


I knew it!! Knew I wasn’t crazy


Even right now Evolve Ultimate Edition only costs $24 Canadian on PSN.

HS1 = $8
HS2 = $15

In American its probably a bit cheaper too.

I bought Hunting Season 2 when it was on sale for $11, but I paid the full $15 for HS1 (No where near as good a deal, no monster!)


yea, everything in Canada is more expensive


I hope Bob goes on sale ever. Thats the only way ill buy him lolz
Ive bought all the hunters except 2 (crow/slim) an i do not want them. An the only monster i dont have is Bob.
An i almost never play monster seriously, so unless my love of being a monster vastly expands, hes just not worth buying at full price for me. Lolz

#20 ( base game for 5$ and Behemoth for 1$) yw