No Strikes


Basically what it says. I downed and killed hunters but they never got strikes. Was this a change in the macropatch that I missed or just a bug?


They didn’t have Laz did they?


Was it during Defend? :slight_smile:


I’ve had this happen multiple times, they respawn on the ship and lose their strikes.


They did have Laz, but the effect extended to Laz himself and hunters I ate.

No, Hunt.


I haven’t had this one in a long while now but I remember this happening to me quite a few times. First time I thought I was losing my mind. lol

I never got lucky enough to have it happen to me as a hunter though. Only got it in the unlucky way.


Was there a mix of bots and players on the team?


No, I was playing Solo.


Were you playing in a custom settings match? Please verify your match settings.


Orbital Drill, Laz Bucket Maggie Parnell, Hunt, time limit 40 miniutes, map effect Ebonstar corpses, all else default.


Yesterday, I was playing with a friend on Quickplay, it was on the aviary, there was 4 players (and some changes during the game). He was playing Griffin and sometime the assault. Griffin had 2 strikes really quickly in the game. A long time after the monster reack Stage 3. Griffin comes back with one strike.
It was really weird.
The team was Kala, Slim, Griffin, and (?) Torvald.

It seems that the team don’t affect this bug.