[NO SPOILERS] I was out tonight watching Avengers 2: Age of Ultron


Since you know, it’s out in most of Europe today.
And if you are in Europe and haven’t been to see it, I highly suggest you do.
The movie is INCREDIBLE.


Stop it I’m jealous :cry:


I don’t have a life, is it out in America? I only know the life of school and working lol


No not to May 1st


That’s odd…


a movie centered around american heroes and american landmarks comes out last. i dont get it either.


Yeah I don’t get it but whatever. Movie looks good I can wait a little longer.


sadly it only gets released tomorrow in my city :frowning:


Woot. I didn’t even notice it was out! :open_mouth:


Hmm, thanks for letting me know it was a good movie.
I plan to see it as well, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. ^.^


Im gonna watch it on sunday :+1: already hyped from watching avangers 1 again yesterday :blush:


You know, it was so good, that me and my boyfriend are gonna watch it again this weekend. XD


I did the same when guardians of the galaxy came out :smiley:


Watched it last night too. Let me save some of you the trouble now.



You mean at the veeeeeeeeery end of the credits, yeah? I thought so too :b


They’d done a few movies now, where the credits would start. Easter egg 1 quite quickly. The rest of the credits. Easter egg 2.

No. Not this time. At the very very end. There’s nothing to fill the void in my soul.


Post credits made me hype like crazy though.


stawp it guys Im already hyped to max :smiley: still 2 days to go :disappointed:


It was very good, but it was missing something to make it great


Not as good as the first?