No sound, fix is needed


boy i do love alt tabbing to look at something real fast then coming back to getting matched against 4 gold skilled players bright and early.

in short, alt tabbing is causing the sound AND the visual cue to not happen. it used to work, then it only half worked after you released a micropatch in the last 3 months. can you please roll back whatever you attempted to fix(again) that ended up breaking more of the game? please?

also, whats with the instant revive people are getting nowadays? another micropatch gone wrong? the only perk is they are taking strikes, but its really irritating to drop the assault or medic, only to have them hop right back up a second later.

no, its not my latency to your gerbil servers. surprisingly, yall must be feeding them the good stuff because ive had nothing but sub 40ms latency in all my current ranked games.

whatever you patched in ranked is allowing people of questionable ethics to invade what was once free of bs players. now, not so much.

please go back to how you were, not how you are.


Alt-tabbing works for me, I’ve only been playing on pc since December but I’ve never had an issue.