No Shave November 2017


It must be said though, previous november I started no haircut november. Which I managed to keep up an entire year. Combined with these recent ~20 days of not shaving, I’m pretty sure you can photoshop me in pictures of Nirvana and I’d fit right in, long hair and scruffy facial hair and all :joy:


Why do you need to be shaven for the interview? I never shaved for one.


It’s more formal to look nice. That’s why my father wants me to shave, because he thinks it looks disrespectful


There is nothing disrespectful about having hair. Our body naturally grows it there. As long as its clean and groomed then so are you.


¯\___(ツ)___/¯ <-- that’s a monster of an emoji, ignore that lol

But, it’s just what he thinks. I don’t see what he sees but, eh. As long as it grows back I’m happy with it


I have strong opinions on the subject if you cant tell. lol


I like beards don’t get me wrong.

I mean Sledge is strongly likes beards too, she hates it when I shave lol


If a person doesn’t want a beard, that’s fine too but to say that its inappropriate as an adult male to not be able grow facial hair is absurd.


I’m 18 years old and I have a big beard for someone of my age, I let it grow since years…but it’s suuuuuper slow.
So it looks like that:

The screenshots are from a few minutes ago.


Ayyy, turtle beaches


Indeed, it is.


Gotta look formal, and my half-assed face doesn’t look formal lmao.

Plus I can’t grow it out past a 1/4 inch, so it just sits there and doesn nothing. Hair just doesn’t work on me.


You got to have patience. It will come.


…and mail them to Sledge. Simple really.


Your eyes seem quite large…almost kawaii.

The beard is adorbs.


You think? I can do bigger if you want.
Notice that my profile pic is myself MRB style.

And what’s adorbs? That’s doesn’t seem english!



THIS is kawaï!


Lmao, that face :joy:

Short for “adorable”


As someone who objects to pretty much all hair except above the nose, this idea makes me want to just sit inside all month.


I didn’t shave for 8 months about a year ago, it didn’t grow past that.