"No servers found to host game"

Went to start 3 monster games on ranked and got to the countdown as it hit 0 it says the above message,WTH is going on today first I had all my DLC locked now this…?

I’m on ps4 btw too

Just to add to this,

when you press “X” to close the message, the game takes you to play the match. So it’s not actually an issue that prevents you from playing, but the message does pop up from time to time.

Well they don’t have an infinite number of servers so there will be times when they are all being used

Your comment isn’t true I had the message a lot of times and was pressing x and it didn’t do anything so maybe there just wasn’t enough servers like guy above said

That was the first time I’ve seen that msg,they need more servers then ha!

It’s true for when it happened to me. :stuck_out_tongue: Had it ~3-4 times.