No sandstone behemoth skin?


So what happened to the sandstone Behemoth skin?
was it scrapped?


yeah im curious where the hell is it.


I hope it wasn’t scrapped, it looked nice…


Yeah the lives stream (the one before Bob was released) said that They will launch him with skins
It’s been a whiles and the only one that got released was jade.
No word or news.


Any screen pls?


It’s not in game for us
It was in a livestream before big bob was released


I like this skin a lot! They are probably releasing the skins slowly so that we don’t spend all our money at once lol


But I want it now


It looks nice from this view but in game I wouldnt know that I have that skin.


Here are a couple more snips for fun-


For sure, me too! It would have been done bought already!!


Well I believe they said the glow color was wrong in the stream that featured it, he had blue eyes and a blue mouth I think. Maybe they’re “fixing” it before they put it out? Though I think it was fine as it was.

More skins for Behemoth?

but I like the blue :slight_smile:


Blue eyes looks cute on him. ^.^
Mouth? No… Looks like he’s been eating Smurfs.


I like it.
makes him look like a blue tongue skink


I like the blue, too. I’m personally not going to get this skin on the sole grounds that I like my alternate skins to either have unique glow colors, patterns, or very vibrant and never-before-seen-for-the-character-in-question colors.



I likely won’t touch the skin if they don’t retain the blue eyes and pitch-black flesh on the face.

It’s not worth the effort to fix.


My latest theory was that the Sandstone skin we saw was really his Elite Skin. Can we have a side by side comparison? Cause my mental image is that they’re pretty similar. Could that be the reason for potentially having it scrapped?



I see…Well I hope this gets released. But I get the feeling that overall the regular skin, Elite and Sandstone are not that different