No response from 2K support (Progress Erased)


I had my progress erased like many others. I submitted my ticket successfully with 2K support ticket #979602. I responded with the info they requested as well as 3 more emails. I have still not received a response. As a side note, it is not adequate to unlock all characters. I don’t want that, I just want what I had before which is the following:

  • Bucket unlocked
  • Cabot unlocked
  • Hyde unlocked
  • All bucket character mastery completed minus 3rd star missile direct hits (only 200 of 390). I was so close to elite!
  • Hank all tier one star completed
  • level 19

All the other stuff can disappear and there was way more! This is the second time this has happened and I just rolled with it the first time. I think in 2015, this shouldn’t happen and at the least should be rectified. Please help. the game is ruined for me and I don’t have any desire to play now.


It’s a known issue. It’ll be patched.


A patch is great, but only prevents it from happening again. What about all the progress and countless hours spent in game by many people. TRS and 2k should just brush that aside?


You can contact 2K support they will give you almost everything back, and they are working on getting the rest to everyone.

Said patch is supposed to be just around the corner and will include getting stuff back to people.


A patch is due out this week. The most important thing is stopping it from happening any more.

Plus, TR has stated that they are also looking into a way to restore progress. I agree that 2K really isn’t cutting it, I guess they feel the same way.


Contact them saying you are having trouble pre ordering DLC . I guarantee they’l get back to you. XD


They aren’t responding to me.


They’re probably busy with other things too. They can’t cover everything at once.


Developers always say they are “looking into things” intentions don’t really matter. I am being ignored by 2k support


Don’t keep sending messages, wait.

Some of those ticket systems, when they get a new message, they assume it’s a response so it gets pushed back a bit each time.


Thanks for the heads up.