No respect to bucket


Not… He defiantly has a use but he is over shadowed so much. Sunny with jetpack boost/drone. Cabot with amp and hank with his clutch shield and orbital.
Buckets only advantage is early tracking in my opinion.


I like playing him with Laz. The turrets are perfect for pushing the monster away from a corpse.


Can confirm this as monster. Other than that, he’s pretty easy to counter if you have armor.


and those turrets with Laz’s 1.5X hit markers all over the monster are great :yum:


I have no problem with him as monster. During event I basically laughed at his turrets and just sat in them he need buffs or something imo


Don’t see much laz always Ciara


Yeah, I just typically think of them as annoying cockroaches that won’t go away, lol.


Exactly only way turrets help is camping body’s or extremely noob players that sit in them


Laz, Bucket, Griffin, Torvald.
Camp bodies, and you die. ^.^


I barely camp bodies anyway comeback with less heath so I can kill u quicker.


I will say I don’t compete against well coordinated hunters often.