No reload, Damage bug

Type (ie. Gameplay, UI): Gameplay
Character: Blitz markov and Electro griffin
Map/Map Location: all maps
Game Mode: Hunt
Platform: PC

Can you tell us the steps to reproduce the issue or what you were doing when the issue occurred?

Problem just happens at random. When it does happen it either doesn’t allow me to reload or I will have a full ammo clip and it won’t do any damage or consume my ammo. At first I thought it was just lag, but when the monster was taking damage from my teammates and I was taking damage from the monster it was happening without any lag. The reload problem happens more often on electro griffin. I use up my ammo or harpoon and just continues to reload never gaining any ammo. When I switch to the other weapon it doesn’t reload the weapons either. Sometimes it will reload a small amount of ammo back on the machine gun but never full. If it is lag I don’t understand why everything else happens normally but my weapons don’t reload normally. With Blitz Markov I would have full ammo on my lightning gun and be approximately 5 to 10 feet from the monster and it wouldn’t do any damage to the monster. It wouldn’t even consume my ammo. Once again the damage from teammates and monster were happening as normal.

its lag

See I thought that was the case but everything else other than that worked as normal. Game play wasn’t interrupted in anyway except for the reloading and damage of my weapons. All other game play was as normal. There was not lag anywhere else. How can lag only affect my weapons but nothing else?

lag can just affect your weapons reload
i tink

That doesn’t make sense. I have never had this problem until after the last update.

idk then