No reason to pick Hyde?


Let me preface this by saying that Hyde is by far my favorite Hunter to play as, and I will continue to use him in PUGs.

Right now I don’t think there’s any real reason to use Hyde except as a method of unlocking Parnell. I say this because his flamethrower doesn’t seem to have much of a DPS advantage over Markov’s lightning gun. This should be offset by the lightning gun’s much longer reload time, but Markov’s mines and secondaries far outweight the small benefit to DPS that gives.

Hyde’s gas grenades appear to do as much damage as a single mine if the monster remains in the grenade for its entire duration.

Taking into account how useful mines are for players other than the Assault and how Parnell’s damage easily beats Hyde’s even without super soldier, I can’t really think of a situation where Hyde would be a reasonable competitive choice. If I feel confident enough in my team’s dodging to not go Markov then I’m going to go Parnell for his clearly superior damage.

If I’m wrong please correct me, I would like nothing more than for someone to show me melting the monster’s face is viable in comp play

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What Hyde brings to the table is constantly dealing damage no matter what the monster is doing, and the ability to flush the monster out of hiding spots ( Ain’t it great when there’s a Kraken on a pillar? ). He’s definitely got his place.


If his poison grenades were more dangerous I might agree with you, but at this point I don’t see any reason for monsters to fear it. If the monster doesn’t care that he’s in poison it’s ineffective as area denial.

His ability to constantly fire doesn’t improve his DPS enough compared to Markov using electricity+mines or electricity+AR.

In my eyes he has less damage potential and much less area denial than Markov.


I think Poison Grenades need to be more in-line with spitter acid from L4D.

If it’s meant to be area denial, it should have a damage curve that ramps up and punishes the monster for staying in it. Right now, it’s not all that scary to stand in. Arc mines are much worse.


I do think the damage on Hyde’s grenades needs to be front loaded, or add another dot. I like using them on the defend map since the minions will just sit in them, but Markov’s Mines still win out because you can mine the minion’s path.

This would work as well, they really need to be the kind of thing that punishes the monster for sitting in them. with the damage they do currently I’d like to see a large area of effect, but that brings up the hunter slowing effect.


Well, if he ignores the poison, then put that flamethrower on him and see how much longer he sits still. Can’t think of any other assault who can be getting damage from 2 abilities at once (you can even have 3 sources of damage. Grenade, dot flames, and minigun all at once on a camping monster)


Yes but if Hyde is next to me, I’ll just smash him away, he is scary yes. His grenade is not. Arc mines are to be avoided at all costs, toxic grenade not nearly as much.


agreed as a avid monster player when i see arc mines the only thing going through my mind is NOPE NOPE NOPE not touching that, so in my opinion markovs arc mines are much more effective as area denial and they als have no downside unlike hydes grenades (i still like hyde as a character though hes just very cool)


Sounds about right lol. I do agree that the grenades could use a buff, especially since they slow your teammates


Unfortunately, it seems as though Parnell easily out-damages Hyde even under these favorable circumstances.

I feel as though Hyde should be a happy medium between Markov’s utility and Parnell’s pure damage but at the moment he just seems like a weaker Markov.


I used to be afraid of gas clouds when I was the monster, so it do work as area denial.
Then I found out how little damage they do and really, one arch mine worth of damage every 8 seconds is not a bad trade for an advantageous position.


I remember seeing the damage comparisons with the Assaults and the Toxic Grenades damage was pathetic and the Monster has to stand in it for an extended period of time on top of that which doesn’t happen a whole lot.

Still waiting a change on the Toxic Grenades, as an area denial tool to flush out Monsters it’s not even that great, low damage, team aoe slow, and obscures vision but I wouldn’t mind it if it was actually threatening.

Minigun is pretty mediocre for such an iconic weapon with it’s wide spread, even with the slightly higher damage per bullet, Markov’s Assault Rifle is still comparable because the accuracy is much more tighter allowing more consistent damage.

Flamethrower I’m still not impressed with.


To be fair, a lot of people refuse to use the grenades just because of the fact that it slows your team regardless of the damage it might do and that alone will drive the numbers down the drain for average damage in a match.

However, I’ll agree that it’s hard to justify Hyde lately. Maybe if his flamethrower continued to add duration while you kept it on an enemy…something like say if his default duration is 3 seconds, every second you hold it on them refreshes and adds 1.5/(n-1) seconds duration to the dot. So the first second would give us 3 seconds of burn, the 2nd second would give us a 4.5s duration and 1s of burn already, 5th second would be 5 seconds of burn already and a duration of 6.125 seconds. Or 3/(n+1) giving us 5.5 total burn for 2 seconds and 12.35 seconds of total burn for 5 seconds. On top of this change or separately we could have the flamethrower “ignite” the toxic grenade causing damage equivalent to 1.5 * (flamethrower + toxic grenade) damage to everything inside the area that’s not a hunter.

Of course I don’t know how far behind he is right now so these could all just be far too much /shrug though it would make him a lot more interesting to play…you know what TRS…do it and rebalance the numbers to make it work ;p

EDIT: Oh yea and directly hitting the monster with the grenade takes a traversal away…and a direct hit on the face causes the monster to just stop what it’s doing for a whole second…yea…yea…I may not be here anymore…can we make Hyde overpowered? Let’s make Hyde overpowered.


I actually enjoyed playing as Hyde last night, didn’t get to play with him much but the time that I did it was fun.


Hyde’s flamethrower deals the most damage out of all assault weapons without perks or buffs. Parnell sacrifices 17% of his HP and needs to wait to dish out his full potential. Markov needs to rely on a LOS and has a shorter battery than Hyde’s flamethrower.

Overall, I like hyde as a flat damage dealer.


hyde is a good anti-wraith and aoe god


I’ve said this for a while now every time Hyde comes up. I Love Hyde, but right now he takes a higher skill level to get inferior results.

Toxic grenades need a damage buff if they are to properly function as an area denial skill.


The slowing effect on teammates needs to be removed, I can’t think of any other ability from the hunters that are more detrimental to their own team then that.

I’d say also increase it’s damage OR maybe make the gas effect a bit thicker for only the monster. That way it can be used as a smokebomb of sorts to give teammates a chance to escape danger, which if they are going for a “Area Denial” effect like Markov’s Mines, this would do the trick.

Generally when my team plays with Hyde, and we go up against…really anything, not having Markov’s mines to get the monster to back off really sucks. Most of the time the monster doesn’t care about the toxic grenades because it isn’t threatening enough.


I love Hyde, he’s my favorite character and best.

And yet, I completely agree that either assault is superior.

Either his mines or his minigun need a change, the poison grenades really don’t do much (And that third mastery is impossible!), and the minigun doesn’t have enough range to be the ‘long range weapon’.


I say they should add combo effect… You know the usual thing that happens when fire meets gas :wink: for bonus dmg… That would scare the monster away