No, really. Does anyone here make plushies?


'cause… I’m gonna be getting some pay at the end of the month for helping out at my bf’s workplace.
And I’d totally dig a Hyde plush. Like a cute little smushy cute thi- ahem
…Yeah. Plushies.


I would want a daisy or goriaph plushie ;-;


Yeah… I’d hope to find someone on the forums who makes custom plushies but if not I’ll take to other websites. ;W;


You could probably commission someone on deviantart


Check deviant art but be prepared to pay pay a premium for it.


Yeah. I’d have to take a look to see quality and price, its just really tricky, I actually have no idea what a fair price is on making such things


yeah that is a big issue. I suck at those sorts of things,otherwise I would totally do it. Maybe etsy?


Yeah. Deviantart and Etsy have been my go-to ideas. Still a matter of knowing how much it should cost, but we’ll see. :smiley:


“oh, this is a pretty nice one- 300 DOLLARS?!” Cries


@AlbinoGoliath Do you make plushies


nope i do not i would like to though


If you knew how to I’d throw my money through the screen…


I think if anyone did make evolve plushies they would make a killing


I want a big Brohemoth plush ;~;


There’s gotta be someone… ;W;


Eventually someone that does know how, may be open to making evolve plushies.


Why is this still not a thing :cry: #Gimme my Goliath


Cosmic skin though, so he will have his blue sparkles on his bum <3 Kawaii!


There are so many good ideas to ;w;
Markov Mine Pillows
Val headsets
Daisy plushies
Flamethrower Gloves
Behemoth Bean-bag chairs
Wraith Se-woah wait what



But still… So many ideas…
I need my Hyde… ;_;