No preference on "Choose role"


How exactly it is working? Because most of the time Im monster. It would be nice if it’s not “Most unpopular role” instead of equal chance of playing different classes.

Or it would be nice to have an option to choose something like(number is preference):

1-4 Random, 5th - Monster.

1-Support; 2-4 Random; 5th Monster.

Right now matchmaking is horrible.

Most of the times I get 5th, than goes 1st, 2nd is ultra rare, didn’t have any chance 3rd and 4rd at all.


I don’t think any changes will be made to this part of matchmaking. (Heard rumors of some sort of skill-based matching in the works, but who knows).

I do however agree that it’s a bummer if you only want to play hunter. If you choose no preference, you’re basically saying no preference on which hunter you play. If you wanted to play monster, you would just choose that. I often times don’t care which role im in, but I have to assign arbitrary preferences because I would rather not be the monster.