No preference = Monster 7 times in a row



As the title says, I was given the role of monster 7 times in a row despite lacking any real preference. Mostly, I’m just annoyed as I’m not a great monster player, but there was something that actually kind of baffled me during this streak. In at least 2 lobbies I joined, there were players with Monster as their preference. I snubbed these people for no logical reason. They clearly want to play a role I had already played multiple times; doesn’t make sense that I would get it over them.

I realize ‘no preference’ basically means you’re filling open roles, but of course, that doesn’t mean I want to get stuck in the same role over and over again (especially if I’m on a losing streak and if there are people who actually want the role). If I wanted to play a specific role, I would make it my preference. Hopefully the devs could look into improving this system so ‘no preference’ players can still play a variety of roles.


Prefers NOT being Monster, chooses “No Preference”. :yum:


They removed the ability to play monster in parties. I can GUARANTEE a few of those lobbies had a group of friends playing together and with that change made it so that whoever’s not in the party gets stuck with monster regardless of who’s actually setting it to their preferred role. I REALLY wish they would bring monster party queue back in the next patch… would solve a LOT of problems.


Prefers to comment, chooses not to read the post :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehehe… well I honestly don’t know what happens.

One time I had Monster as Least Preferred… someone had “No Preference”… and I got Monster! :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a bug currently with No Preference settings that the Devs are aware of


I would’ve done the exact same thing you did if I didn’t read the post.

My friend always prefers monster, and even when everyone else doesn’t have it preferred he doesn’t get it.


Removal of monster party queue is also to blame.