No Pre Order Content


So I preordered Evolve back in October of last year and I didn’t get the savage Goliath Skin or the Monster Expansion pack with my order. And I’ve had numerous issues getting my order’s receipt and info before this and it was a serious pain. I pre ordered it from the 2k store and I’ll tell ya this I’m never ordering from there again. It was ridiculous. Oh and remember readers it’s not TRS fault here. So don’t attack them.


Yeah welcome to TRS forums.Even i they killed your mom we would still be with them. :slight_smile:

Anyway my guess is that you have to contact 2K.Pretty sure there will be a support on their site to send a ticket or e-mail


As far as I know, this is a glitch that they are currently working on.


Sorry for the frustration, please reach out to 2K for support! They should be able to help you out.