No pre download for PS4?


Hi, so I looked through the Playstation Store on my PS4, and couldn’t find a pre download. Is this option only for Xbox One and Steam players?


You should be able to preload, evrybody is. You should get a mail with a code you need to enter somewhere ( dont use PS4 ).


Check Under Games in Library, That is where I found it.


I got the code, just don’t know where to pre download it. It’s not on the Playstation Store. :frowning:


Oh, wait, I think I know where to enter it now. It’s not going to show up on the Playstation Store like other stuff, right? OK, I think I know where to put it now.


I redeemed Code, and Found Evolve Alpha (SCEA) in the Games in the Library.


Thanks! Forgot I have to redeem code first! :slight_smile: