No Postmatch Carnage reports!?!

   First let me say i am a fan of this game. I just want to make a suggestion to further enhance the multiplayer experience. 

   The game is lacking post match teammate information. I would love to be able to see how much damage my assault teammate did after a match or how much healing or revives my medic did. Or anything regarding my teammates.  

   Perhaps a chart showing how many wildlife each player killed, how much damage each player did, how much damage each player took....etc. I think it would add value to the game.


Yes please!


I imagine they’ll want to bugfix first, then smoothen up the overall game, then go on to adding more. People have requested replay systems too, and I think we’ll get them in a while. It’s the collection of little things that make a game great, in my opinion.


Yes, I like ridiculous stuff, like “Unlucky innocent wildlife of the match” and a picture of its unfortunate demise. Random stuff, like felled trees, most expensive property damage, shots missed and dome fail of the day etc.