No point doming monsters anymore till S3 no armour


I thought initially giving the monster a wee bit of armour after they evolved was fair but as I’ve found it just promotes S3 fights and monsters constantly fleeing in domes.

I think looking back not giving the monster any armour made it that risk/reward for both parties and made it so hunters could take advantage of a mist used evolve to create some damage on an error by the monster.

if I go trapper now and I’m against a wraith or Goliath I’m very reluctant to dome the monster early because unless you get the perfect dome where they can’t evade then there’s no point.

I think we need to change something maybe make the domes at S1 last for 2mins then at s2 1.30 then 45s when there at s3 that way it wouldn’t make every match go S3 without any meaningful dome fights.

At present its too easy for good monster players too just evade in dome skirmishes and they know they have the safety net of having armour after an evolve.

I’m thinking also that new players to evolve wont want to spend a long time getting into a match then having to wait 15 or so mins to have a meaningful fight against boring monster tactics.


I wouldn’t say that the evolve armor promoted flee till three. However trying to fight a good team as stage one is suicide so running is fair. However they did increase cocoon damage so domeing a evolving monster is still viable tactic. However Makeing the domes last longer for lower stage monsters would almost murder any chance they have of surviving those domes if they go badly.


It’s a tough one because I.e BoB this post doesn’t really count for him because well he can’t evade the whole dome time but Wraiths and Goliaths who traverse or decoy makes for real boring domes till as I say S3 then they finally fight!

For a newcomer this game must be a real turnoff and I can see why,I’m not sure what the answer is but something needs doing to promote fights not flee,flee,flee till s3.


S3 is the only chance they have at winning nowadays. D:


S1 domes are pretty ok now. The new lower armor levels let you deal a decent amount of health damage if it mitigates, let alone if it fights.


Well this isn’t so much of a issue in higher rank games. A lot of newer wraith players are the ones who flee till three. I’ve never heard of goliaths running till three before at all. Although he is one of the weaker monsters.


Had a couple golis FT3. Got reckt with full armour full health anyway. They tend to over committ.


Yeah your average flee till three monster will lose against a decent team.


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No… S3 is a last resort. Monsters should do everything they can to win at S2 and if they can’t then S3 is the last resort. S3 is nearly a death sentence against any good team.


I didn’t say this before, but I disagree. I’m a trapper main, and there’s plenty of reason to dome a monster S1/2. It’s not too hard to get good domes, and if you do make a less than ideal dome, you need to make use of your CC effectively to allow the assault to do as much damage as possible. Spread out, deal constant damage. At some point (in this dome or a future dome) the monster will HAVE to fight. If they don’t they’ll have little hope at S3. If you find the monster is running around a lot, then make the domes small. Use deadzones (like the fenced off area in wraith trap, near the platform) to create deadspace in the dome. The monster has no hope of mitigating, and you can deal a very good amount of damage.

Agree with @10shredder00. Usually when I go S3, the timer has just started. The majority of fights should be done at S2 where you can dictate where to fight a little more. This gives you a terrain advantage, to combat the support, allow some mitigation possibilities, etc. Relay fights will be much more hunter favoured, because they can get the domes they want for the situation they’re in. They can force you to fight in killzones, and just obliterate your armour, before dropping that dome down.


@Fav pls
This is the issue with trying to balance for pubs and competitive. Right now monsters still struggle too much at a high level and could do with some more buffs. I would like to see how having full armour on evolve works. Pubs however don’t have that level of co-ordination to get some decent damage in on a monster. I find the better teams quickly spread out around a dome so it’s very hard for the monster to avoid taking damage most of the time.

I disagree with S3 being the last resort. If anything I find it the only resort with the hunter favoured balance right now. If I fight at S2 I typically get wrecked. Having that larger health pool and abilities being a bit more effective means I can hopefully get someone down and if I have enough health left then finish it or if not then get that hunter on the dropship and armour up. Sucks but that’s the balance right now for competitive. I know a wraith who is trying out lvl3 warpblast S1 and then S2 lvl3 decoy. Fighting is just too risky so screw it, mitigate till 3.

One balance patch for pubs and competitive does not work but still they do it.


What does that have to do with my statement? Yes I have however I don’t watch other people play often.



just trying to be funny cuz dean runs to stage 3 since day one.


If there was a way to buff monster players that have higher skill level that would be tje way to go.


I agree every since the evolve armor patch I have had to change my dome strategy. Dome stage one first encounter😃 , dome after poke of a 1/4 of armor gone on, second encounter. If we have the dome we use on stage 2 evolve. Now once the stage two runs for food with a quarter to half armor and he has made a little distance we have to break off and look for all the op wildlife perks. The reason being there is no reason to chase a full armor stage two to a place were he wants to fight because after the fight he usually gets a down and still takes minimum damage . Then he Runs a little ways away and takes an insulting evolve because he doesn’t have to worry because he is stage 3 with an automatic quarter of armor in a place were he wants to fight. because a good monster can most of the time usually get only domed once on stage one and mitigate most of the damage, we consequently end up with a stage three monster with little to no damage. I propose that they at least take stage 3 evolve armor off to give the hunters some kind of incentive to chase a stage two full armor.


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So, you want someone who is at a disadvantage to be forced to fight you and have no other options?


But incredibly hard to inflict damage, especially on that flying bitch, er… I mean Wraith, because that thing can just keep flying inside dome like brainless parrot on caffeine.


I think it could be balanced towards both hunters and monster.

Right now the hunters start maxed out so the monster is slightly disadvantaged. If hes caught he’s most likely not going to come out too well unless the hunters were hasty in their attack or its a Wraith…

I’m not a great monster but S1 fights I’ll fight enough to keep them off my back if I can while I try to wait out and dome and book it. Stage 2 things are fairly even and by 3 the monster has more power but a good team can still drop him.

I wouldnt mind seeing a bit more evening up of the action. So say traversal abilities on the monsters are weaker, cover less distance and take longer to recharge. By the same token the hunter abilities are weaker. Domes last say 45 seconds as previously suggested. Ammo caps, cool down, everything is weaker for both sides.

After say 3 or 4 minutes the drop ship can fire upgraded packs to the team’s location to collect which give them “S2” power. (Not sure if I like the idea of the packs being destroy-able but maybe like monster egg’s so they take some time to destroy and for the hunter to equip).

Something like that to me seems like it would really even the playing field since both sides can become the hunted / hunter regardless of designation depending on how good everyone is. The only thing to probably adjust minimally would be jet packs since they are pretty well evened up as is but 1 to 2 seconds less of flight time for S1 would really really change the dynamic of low level fights. Again if the monsters ability’s and evasion is lesser it still balances out.

After Alpha and Beta I avoided S1 fights because it was no longer much of an even fight not just because of player skill. If both sides were a bit more even we may see a lot more engagement. Sure some players will still stick to their style of stealth and avoid till they are ready but at least if the monster is cornered and caught it stands a chance to fight so the hunters have to try a lot harder to stay alive.

If the hunters can keep the monster from leveling up too fast they can gain the upper hand when their packs arrive. If not, and they can stay alive to get their packs its back to another even playing field.

Sure a small advantage needs to go to the squishy hunters to keep it “fair” since they go down so easy typically but I think that would really focus teams in and change tactics up for better more interesting fights throughout the whole span of a round vs just s2 s3.