No Play History - Evolve on Steam


For some reason when I go to “Friends” -> “Recently Played With”, there is no play history being recorded for me. This is the second time that I have been disconnected from a good group of people and I can’t find them on Steam to get everyone back together. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Perhaps there is a setting somewhere that I’m unaware of? Any help would be appreciated.


It’s a bug with steam overlay. Evolve doesn’t recognize people playing in that section.


Is there anything I can do to circumvent the issue or is this something that Valve, Turtle Rock, and/or 2K have to look into?

Thanks for the quick reply btw.


No worries about the fast reply. The Devs are aware of it and hopefully it will be fixed with the first large patch after release. Unfortunately no way to circumvent it at the moment. You can sometimes join some of the many evolve groups and see if a name is familiar or try to search for them if you happen to remember their name, otherwise you won’t be able to track them down.


One more question, you’ll have to forgive my level of “noobery”. I’ve only been playing on PC since August on and off and in earnest for the last two months. Prior to that I was a console player.

How do I search for someone from within the Steam client? I scrounged up a link yesterday, but I can’t seem to find it again.


The easiest way is to click on Community up top of your main steam overlay page. This will open up a steam tab with links to the community. There is a place to search for people, groups etc… go there and type in the name of the player as best as you can remember and if you have a choice, choose person and not group or game to search for.


Thank you. I found it. Unfortunately my girlfriend pulled me away to put up some weather stripping around the doors and now that I’m back I forget the names of the people I was playing with. Oh well. Thanks for the help :smile: