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WHHYY? WHYY? WHY?? TURTLE ROCK THIS, i cant believe, i played on closed beta looks like a great game, since its high price (60U$D) i can’t afford to bought it , latter with this winter sales i just bought it , but im very dissapointed, in 4-5 days of FULL PLAY, mas ranked games i can play were 2, i dont know if it is because i from argentina so my ping is not let the matchmaking sistem find me a game with some norte american people, but men, im very dissapointing, only 300 people playing, is like a game You should force to play him no your force people for playing it and i feel in this moment or just stalking randomppl to get inside their games, is there any posibility some support could fix my account and telling me why i cant found a ranked game easily (30 min waiting and found no game) or please turtlerock make it F2p, maybe if you make it F2P alot of people would play it and will be more fun, maybe also competitive game get a bigger scene who knows, so please explaine me why i have to recive a miracle to find a matchmaking game, fix mi acc plz


Sorry but try to clean up the text (I understand English isn’t your first language but that’s a hard read)

Second, it’s not your account. Evolve has a low player-base not to mention your location in the world doesn’t help.

If you want faster games, don’t go to 2.0…especially since you’re new. Stick to quick play and Evac.

Hell, if you’re really desperate for a match, go into solo.


What are you saying… That you can’t find games?


Hi, there are few solutions

You just have to add some people that play Evolve to your friendlist and play with them . Then you will find games much much faster.

There are 2 ways how to do it:

  1. WE NEED YOU - HUNT 2.0 Community players list you can add some people from here


  1. When you manage to find a game , and you are in character selection lobby, click on “Player Options” -> move your cursor on player you want to add -> “Steam profile” and add him

Also another advice I can give you is to play from 6pm CET ( transfer it to your timezone).

Or play Quickplay and change your “Role prefference” to “No preference” and then when you find a game you can change it back to the role you prefer most


I wish there were 300 hundreds (Spartans) playing Evolve in EU. You won’t find many players on PC.


Hi @Matias_Nahuel_Jorge

Unfortunately I believe the devs have said in the past there are some issues with player numbers in south America that cause some issues with match making. I’ve changed this topic to Bugs so that a dev is more likely to see it and see if they can help you!


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