No pay-to-win?!?


Before I bought this game I watched an interview with TRS. They said they were gonna offer DLC, but no pay-to-win BS as in other games (?)
And the representative said that TRs believes that if you buy a game in today’s day and age of free app store games and stuff and spend the 60 quid it was their duty to deliver more value down the road and reassure you that youre getting your money’s worth. I agree with that.

but now we have T4 characters and now I’m reading here, that for example Sunny is OP, has an exploit with her shield projecter, and that there was basically no good countermeasure against Crow’s Gobi.

So how is that not pay-to-win if at least some of the T4 hunters are OP?

And if that wasnt enough, one single character costs quite a bit, compared to for example a map pack in other games.

so what do you think, did TRS remain true to their original promise?


fixed in the next patch

hide under stuff, but how do you counter daisy?

after nerfing, stuff is close to 50 50

Yes! :slight_smile:


I think they remained true to their word. these were unintentional. and they’re currently fixing it right now. one way to prove this is how underpowered behemoth was upon release.
why would their most expensive dlc be underpowered.
not intentional.
also kraken is the most op right now. and that is something that came with the game.
so ,
no I dont think trs is just making pay 2 win


Sunny definitely has some balance issues, but Macman is taking a look at her (the exploit is being fixed, the actual balance stuff is what I’m talking about) and Crow is easily counterable, people have started figuring him out, just took a little while.
Not everything is perfect at first, just gotta give it a bit of time ^.^


You are jumping to conlcusions:

The characters are still undergoing balance tweaks, and have been improved tremendously since their initial release. (Reduced in firepower).

They are not pay to win, and just as viable as other hunters currently out there.


I also think the firepower was a result of testing mainly against behemoth’s large health and armor pool.


New characters are always imbalanced. It’s the nature of design.

They don’t have the same level of data as existing characters.

Look at Alpha Kraken. Look at Beta and release Wraith.

Look at Val and Hyde. UP for longest time. Crow is actually UP. He is the easiest trapper to beat.

Gobi is very underwhelming and easy to evade.

People selecting the latest OP characters and saying “pay to win” are being very selective in their arguments and are not considering the whole picture.


(ʘ‿ʘ✿) what you say ‘bout me
(ʘ‿ʘ )ノ✿ hold my flower


Latest telemetry has him low, right?


Everyone was low, no one except the usual meta builds (Thor, Sunny, Caira, etc.) were above 49.
I was more just speaking of personal experience, don’t much care for numbers.
All i know, Crow is the f*ckin man as far as I’m concerned, once I get eyes on, they can’t peel me off, I can and will solo a monster (except Kraken for obvious reasons), and if you dare underestimate my health chunk abilities, my headshots will have you down to a bar before you can say “Gobi, come here”


I don’t see any of this as pay to win. They are being balanced out or have been already. You don’t need them to enjoy the game, at least I didn’t. And yes I purchased them because this is my favorite title out right now. I’ve been playing this non stop since release, I haven’t done that with a title since I can’t remember when.

And I do believe they stayed true to their word. And free maps ensures that everyone can play together instead of being alienated because you don’t have the new content.


In relation to the other trappers I meant :wink:

And you do indeed sound fearsome.

I’m shaking in my scales over here!


Yes they did…


I actually think all the other trappers are a bit weak on their own
Maggie is too mainstream (nah, shes just too simple and easily outplayed, no real dome capability) ^.-
Griffin has 0 damage potential and no self preservation assets >_>
Abe is downright useless (IMO)


Hiding under stuff doesn’t stop Gobi from seeing you, no idea where you came up with that. He’s basically a dust tag that only provides vision as he flies but he can see through things


Crow is the most pathetic of Trappers. His CC is awful and Gobi is fickle. Just walk around a wall.


Dont worry they will all be nerfed to the point of being completely helpless against Kraken soon enough, afterall the bulk of season passes have already been sold :wink:


Neuu, Crow is good, he’s the only Trapper I ever win with ;-;



Crow sucks…

Except when Quirkly uses him.

Then he’s godtier.


Gobi makes Crow prone to juking. Make it look like you’re going west, and then go east.