No patch yet?


Game has been out for a while. Can we get a bug fixing patch please?


They’re working on one as we speak just need to give them more time.

They probablyl want to get as many things in the patch as possible so it migth take a little longer than some would prefer

At least the game is pretty playable compared to some other recent launches


6 days is not a while. Not to mention it was valentines day on Saturday and Presidents day today. They’re people, not robots.


Apparently this is partly Microsoft’s fault. They require a month’s notice before an update can be implemented. So if TRS was planning on doing any updates, it would be delayed by at least a month.
And before you ask about PC/PS4 getting the patch early, updating each system seperately would make alot of people butthurt & mad.

(This is just what I picked up from people, so it might not be a reliable source since I have never owned an xbox and don’t know Xbox/Microsoft’s policy on this)


They said it will take a couple weeks to get the patch system rolling and once its up then they can patch more frequently.

Yes, ms’s patch policies are stupid. Last I heard they charge the devs to put out patches.

Edit: looks like they changed that policy 1 1/2 years ago, so they don’t charge them anymore.


Not true, games have been updated faster than a month, I.e AC unity. Also , different systems have received updates at different times in the past


What everyone else said.

In another thread MacMan stated they were going to work on testing some balancing after recieving telemetry and player data.
Won’t be long for a patch, but really people? It’s only been six days…


Macman said there’s a fix coming this week in another thread



balancing is of no issue. we need a ranked mode to determine balance in the first place. this has to be included.