No option to zoom with Dust Tag and Orbital Barrage but Spammy Bird has one? WTH?


All I want to do as Cabot is know where my dust is pointed at. :frowning:


LoL “Spammy Bird”


I’m going to buy a parrot, name it Gobi, and teach it to say “Spammy Bird! Spammy Bird!” Thanks for the idae @Azmi_Anuar


Teach it to say “Gobi”, “Gobi, Here”, “Gobi go!”, “Gobi, Gobi, Gobi”


I will teach it that too.


You know what he looks like? Good.

But yeah It still confuses me whenever I run cabot that I can’t zoom in.


And what’s up with the thing not setting up properly? Sometimes it fires rapidly and doesn’t drop and sometimes it drops in the wrong area.


Don’t you just love it when you’re about to plant some dust and it hits a tree branch?

Also please let us use the bloody binocs. For the longest time I thought the zoom must be some special key I didn’t know about or that my game was bugged.


F****ing trees. I will burn down every tree in Cher if I could.


What a good bird name


I agree, all 3 are about sight. You’ve got binoculars, and a bird. Shouldn’t they all have zoom? O.o


I’m going to purchase a falcon and learn falconry and name it Gobi, and whenever I go hunting I can be all, “Gobi, go. Find me a big monster.”


It really does irk me that you cant look through Hanks binoculars. I should be able to look through them then hold fire to launch the orbital.


You used to be able to look through binoculars to target these ability’s. I don’t play much support but you cant now? i specifically remember using hanks at one point as they looked dam cool. Could of been in alpha and got cut though.


Yes please add a zoom for Hank’s barrage…smh stupid random trees


Hey @MacMan an will we ever be able to look through the binoculars?


Really though, why can’t we look through Hanks binocs? Is it a balance issue or something? It would be SOOOO nice to actually be able to aim the damn thing, and I really can’t see it being all that unfair to the monster…


I’ll look into it. I remember it being really messy for some reason.


oh my gawd thank you.


Wow…ok mostly I’m super giddy this got some Dev attention…the small petty part of me is annoyed my post didn’t get that attention…but no biggie

thanks for making the post that broke the camel’s back