No option to view user steam profile in lobby? I swear it worked in alpha/beta


I swear I used to be able to open up someone’s steam profile in the player options in the pass to either view or add them. Was this removed from the launch or was I just smoking something funny?


the only way ive been able to do it is:
open steam overlay
go to your own profile
scroll down to friends(on your profile)
click the word/link friends(the actual word ‘friends’ on the top of your friends list)
then click ‘players’
there should be a list of players in your lobby


i know its a bit of a ridiculous process but its the workaround ive been using until it gets fixed


that doesn’t work for me, just shows an empty list.


ah, thats the way it is for one of the players in our group too. So far thats the only way i know how to do it :frowning: